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Marketing 250: Backpack Simulation

No description

sarah christiansen

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Marketing 250: Backpack Simulation

Marketing 250: Backpack Simulation

By: Chris Millan,Sarah Meredith, and Sarah Christiansen
Opening Strategy
Target Market: University Students
High unit sales volume, low price
Keep advertising at a reasonable cost ($1000)
Distribution: Dept. Store, University, Online Discount, Direct.
Thank you!
The Other Guys
Team 4: Outdoor
Team 5: University Students
Team 6: Outdoor
Team 14: School Children/Outdoor
Troy Taylor: School Children
Ending Strategy
Jumping Ship:

Our Turning Point
A New Look:
Increased profit margin
Adjusted features
Increased focus on target market
Maturity Stage Strategy
Competition is intense:
Final Results
Standing: First place
Final Balance: $31,414
Market share: 27%
Avg. units sold: 371
Avg. Marketing Cost: $1,445
Team 7
The Final Look
What Wasn't Working:
Pricing (high production costs, low sales price)
Our product
Competition in our target market
Increase advertising
Use of discounts/promotions
Just noticeable difference
Expansion: channels of distribution
Team 5 pricing issue
Net Profit
New target market: Urban Commuters
Focus on raising profit margins by increasing price
Any Questions?
First Place!
Pricing Strategy
Abuse of mdf's
Low product awareness
Exploitation of available resources
Research and development
Take well calculated risks
Final Standings
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