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Napoleon Bonaparte II

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able can

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Napoleon Bonaparte II

The Timeline
Why is Napoleon Important?
To France:
The Congress of Vienna
After Napoleon and his Empire
Reshape the Western World
Napoleon restored orders in France and cemented the fruit of the Revolution.
How to deal with Napoleon's collapsed empire and restore the peace in Europe?
France from 1799-1815
Napoleon Bonaparte
1769 Napoleon was born
1785 Graduated from Ecole Millitaire
1821 Napoleon died at the island of Saint Helena
To France
To the Western World
1. Restore the French economics: tax collection and banking system;
2. Reform for a better government: public schools and meritocracy;
3. Adjust the church-state relations: make peace with the Pope;
4. A comprehensive system of laws: the Napoleonic Code;
with the Napoleonic War
the fruit of revolution spread to Europe
The Rise and Fall of Napoleon
Germany and Italy
Towards a modern Europe both geographically and ideologically
All Others
Louisiana Purchase
The sale assures the power of the US, and I have given England a rival who, sooner or later, will humble her pride. --Napoleon
The Battle of Trafalgar: Supremacy of the British Navy
The Continental System: a blockade against Britain
The Fall of Spanish Empire;
The Revolution and Independence of the Latin American State;
Napoleon paved the way for the nationalism and unification.
Dutch, Norway, Kingdom of Sardinia...
How to deal with the changes brought by the Revolution?
"Balance of Power"
Coup d'etat and the Consulate Period
First French Empire
French Revolutionary War
Napoleonic War
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