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The Ursuline Nuns

No description

Betty Chuang

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Ursuline Nuns

Ursuline Nuns When did the Ursuline Nuns come to New France? More nuns came to New France in 1642 and 1653. The Ursuline Nuns came to New France in 1639. Where did they come
from? They came from France. Why did they come to New France? They came to New France to spread the Roman Catholic faith. What role did they play? They founded a convent, a school for girls, a hospital, a Catholic settlement, and homes. Jeanne Mance established
a hospital 1642 1639 Marie de la Peltrie help found
the Ursuline convent. Marie de la Peltrie & Paul de Maisonneuve
establish a Catholic settlement 1653 Marguerite Bourgeoys:
-arrived in New France
-set a school
-cared for the poor & sick
-gave young French women a home
-helped young French women find suitable husbands Who were they? Marie Guyart saw visions from God. Jeanne Mance was New France's first nurse. Marie de la Peltrie was a rich woman who became a nun and donated money to help build New France. Marguerite Bourgeoys founded the first school in New France.
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