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Fishing Communitiess

No description

cheryl manley

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Fishing Communitiess

Fishing Communities
Where is your fishing community located?
Our fishing community is located on coasts and beside lakes and rivers.
This is how we describe our fishing community
In our fishing community there's more rain and fog than many other places in Canada.
These are some jobs that are available.
Some people catch fish from large ships and small boats. Some people show visitors the best places to catch fish. Some people work in factories. Some people are scientists who study fish and animals that live in the sea.
Fishing factories
Some possible effects on the environment in our community
People are worried because there are fewer fish than before. They are worried because people are over- fishing.
These are some negative effects in our environment
People are over fishing, that's why the government says catch less fish. We need to make more fish on fish farms and make sure that don't extinct a certain speices of fish.
Fish farms
These are some places to fish
Some places like Lunenburg in Nova Scotia. Next Garnish in NewfoundLand. Last uclutelet in Vancuver.
Thank you for listening to our presintaion, this is Reauna and Yash.
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