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Why Advertise/Why Radio/Why CHVN

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Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Why Advertise/Why Radio/Why CHVN

Who's listening?
Source: BBM – CBS Spring 2011
Who's listening?
Source: BBM – CBS Spring 2011
Why Advertise?
Why Radio?
It's Mobile
It's Personal
It's Sound
It's Effective
It's Local
Who's listening?
Source: BBM – CBS Spring 2011
How do I advertise on the radio effectively?
"An advertising program is like an exercise program, you should never start either with the intention
of stopping."
- Bill Walker
Core Listening Audience
Horizontal Slice
Vertical Slice
Does it solve a problem?
Does it create a picture?

Is it emotional?
Who are our listeners?

Who are your clients?
Are they predominantly female?
Are they between the ages of 25 - 54?
Are they educated?
Are they families?
Do they have a higher household income?
We've just introduced you to our listeners.
Thank you!
It's Sound
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