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Liberate the Genius Within Final Final

No description

Nishajjjati Du

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Liberate the Genius Within Final Final

Liberate the Genius Within Competitive Analysis Marketing Strategy Target Market Location Finance Executive Summary Liberate the Genius Within is a Korean based motivational company whose aim is to educate and motivate early adolescents to young adults in reaching their personal and academic goals. Our main target market is geared towards South Korean youths and their parents. We differ from other regular tutoring centers because our focus is on improving interpersonal relations, leadership skills and self esteem. Troubled teens
Problems in social enviorments
Struggling with acedemics
High expectations
Middle to high income families Mind Map Super memory schedule Speed Reading Drills swinging log
presented by Nisha Duara, Jati Darmarwan and JJ Baek Inspirational stories Where did we get this idea? Liberate the Genius Within
got it's inspiration from Adam Khoo's motivational program, which one of our memebers actually expereinced himself. Adam Khoo started his center in Singapore and has been highly sucessful spreading the different learning and motivational techiniques through out Singapore. Swinging log activity one of the most stressed and emotionally intense activites. Types of Techniques Rocky Balboa The Market 2 Groups 10-13 year old preteens 14-18 year old teenagers Internet Website

-Reputable website with customer support
-easy and safe registration 500 USD Full money back guarantee No Discounts Prices Office in Downtown Seoul Near public parks and convention halls Near Highschools Twitter Advertising (Korean equivlant of "Collegeboard") Free Introductory lectures Direct Sales Money Back Guarantee Facebook Page Creven

- Excellent Reputation
- basically same program

-does not focus as much on social relations

$400 for 3 days Mentoring Camp

-teaches you the optimum tips on how to get into a good college

Weakness - no phsical activities, emphasis on self - esteem

$700 for 6 days Leadership Camp

-puts emphasis on public speaking skills, group activities, military style physical training

-does not help kids in their test taking

$650 for 7 days Self - Leading Study

-teaches kids to be independent on their studies without going to tuition centers

-requries a long period of time

$1200 for 2 weeks Personnel Operating Procedures GANNT Chart Start Up Requirments Office Initial Teacher Training Website Contstruction Total Cost $5,000 $5,000 $4,000 $14,000 Break Even Analysis Cost Per Student $500 Variable Cost $73.70 Overall Salary $25,200 Lecture Hall/Rent $7,000 Utilities $2,000 94 Students Break Even 2010 Total $610,000 2011Total $1,400,000 Total Revenue
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