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People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Ministry of Higher

No description

Meriem Hamini

on 31 October 2015

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Transcript of People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Ministry of Higher

People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
University of Amar Thelidji Laghouat
Faculty of Letters And Languages
Department of English

A Foucauldian Reading of James Tiptree,Jr’s
The Women Men Don’t See

Pr Berrahal Fatiha

Hamini Meriem

A Memoir Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master in British and American Studies : Literature & Civilization
Option: Literature

Michel Foucault’s Theory
Exploring The Women
Discursive Properties of the Power Relation

"Where there is power, there is resistance."

Michel Foucault,The History of Sexuality 1: An Introduction
James Tiptree, Jr’s
The Women Men Don’t See
To explain how this fictional text can be read as promoting the negotiation of power relations in the west.
The Research Question:
How do negotiation and resistance help to alter the position of the members of a power relation?

Sub-questions :
In which context does the negotiation of power relations help toward subjects gaining more rights?

How does the process of resistance help the conditions of subject groups and evading resistance does not.

Hypotheses :
Resistance requisites a particular environment to flare.

For society to question itself and allow social change, it needs a spark
which would be represented by resistance. Evading power negotiation would allow inequalities to persist.

An analytical approach based on Michel Foucault’s theory with
a return to The Social Conflict Theory.

Michel Foucault’s Theory
Michel Foucault (1926-1984)
Foucault, in his repertoire, focuses on discourse, relations of power, games of truth and ethics.
Innovative understanding of the notions
Power relations


How the notions interconnect
Relations of power Power Resistance
Ethics Discourse Truth Freedom

The Social Conflict Theory and Foucault
Karl Marx
Max Weber
Lewis Coser
Exploring The Women
The aspects of
The Women Men Don’t See
as a Foucauldian context
Para text Analysis:
The Short Story as a genre.
The nature of Science Fiction.
Title analysis.
A Therapeutic Setting


The desert land as a therapeutic environment.

Power Relations
Truth in Feminism.
Quest for Control in Sexual Threat.
Characters, types and roles.

Discursive Properties of the Power Relation
Discourse of Resistance
Discourse of Submission
Transgressed Space
Resistance and negotiation are essential to subject groups looking
for their rights.

Discourse, as a meaning constructing system, is the tool to
challenging the existing structure of truth.

The Foucauldian structure for resistance to spark

Ethics and a therapeutic environment.

The nature of truth demands to be changeable.

The nature of power.

Resistance helps societies to evolve.

Evasion helps perpetuate the inequalities

Thank you for your attention
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