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Chapter 7

No description


on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 7

Social Media is Everywhere
"Electronic media [tools] that empower stakeholders as participants in the communication process by allowing them to share content, revise content, respond to content, or contribute new content" (p. 183)

Social media has changed relationship between companies and stakeholders, influenced how companies are managed, and altered behaviors and expectations of consumers and employers (p. 183)

Attention span limited, so achieve readability by being audience focused and in small chunks.
Social Media Defined
These messages are usually short.
social networks
information and content sharing sites
text messaging
blogging/ microblogging
Electronic Messages
Still popular but being replaced by IM and blogs/wikis.
Email is often used indiscriminately, but redeeminlgy

1. email is universal

2. it is the best medium between 2 people with short to medium length messages

3. is non-instantaneous, so it takes senders and audience into consideration
Occurs in 9 compositional modes (p. 184-7).
Writing for Social Media
Keep the following in mind:

remember it is a conversation

be informal but not careless

have precise and informative deadlines

get and stay involved

don't outrightly promote something

be transparent and honest

think before posting
Chapter 7
Crafting Messages for Electronic and Social Media
Help form connections and share information.
Social Networks
Information and Media Sharing Sites
3 Main Types of Sites
User-generated sites:

users contribute content (YouTube, Flicker, Yelp)
businesses post here due to high traffic
should be valuable and easy to share

Highly popular and heavily used
IM: instant messaging
messages populate immediately
replacing email and voicemail
phone-based text messaging is very popular too esp. for marketing, customer service, security, crisis management, process monitoring
Instant Messaging and Text Messaging
Companies use these avenues to expand communication efforts, reach wider audiences, and can layer them too.
BUT printed messages are preferred when you...

1. want to make a formal

2. are legally required
to do so

3. and when a record is required.
What they are:
Public general networks: most like

Public specialized networks: focused on a particular function or audience like Linked In

Private networks: social networks for internal use
How they get it done:
What they can do:

-provides everyone a share in giving and receiving information

-work to integrate workforces, foster discussion, build communities, socialize brands/companies, understand markets, recruit employees and partners, connect sales prospects, provide customer support

Select best compositional mode for message/purpose/network

Offer valuable content

Join existing conversations

Establish online presence in a self-made hub

Facilitate community building

Restrict conventional promotional efforts

Maintain a consistent personality through ut
Content-curation sites:

good way to get current info without sifting through piles of info (Pintrest, Scoop.it)
allow gathering/collecting on specific topics
Community Q&A sites:

visitors answer questions posted by other visitors (Get Satisfaction, Quora, Yahoo!Answers)
can build personal brand, demonstrate a facet of a company, counter company misinformation
However, companies strive for email hygiene.
So, think clean: analyze situation, gather info, organize message, and respect chain of command.
"Social Media Revolution 2015 #Socialnomics"
by equalman
Email writing

is different from personal communication emails

has higher writing expectations

is considered legal documentation/can be used as evidence
Remember a. subject lines should "hook" readers, b. to use emoticons with caution, but avoid when sending external or formal internal communication.
Always revise and proofread before sending; have a clear message and use a clear font.
Fast response time, cost less than phone calls, mimic conversations, widely available

Security, need for user authentication, logging of messages, incompatibility, spim
Plan IMs while adhering to writing situation rules.

Write formally, so avoid acronyms; use good etiquette and a professional tone.

Always revise & proofread.
"Social Media Etiquette" by FG2Squared
Blogging/ Microblogging
Blogs: online journals that can be personalized and easily updated

> should have authentic voice and personal style
> delivers new info quickly
> topics are usually of interest to readers
> invites audiences to join conversation
Planning a
Always consider
- not too big or small
- focus that is important to business and is wide in scope to drive interest over a pronounced period of time
- should be broad for sustainability but focused on an interest
p. 205
These are blogs restricted to a limited number of characters.

Also known as enterprise microblogging or internal micromessaging

Provide short summaries with links provided to more information

More social in nature

Integrated with hastags for more ease of use
The process of recording audio or video files and distributing them online.

Utilizes voice and visual communication with portability.

As always, analyze situation, gather information, and organize. Consider if for limited use or distribution via podcasting channel.

Should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Review transcript before recording. Quality of recording depends on time and available hardware/software.

Can distribute via media stores, podcast hosting service, or blog.
And One More Thing...
"The Shallows" by BaguaChannel
Something to consider: http://www.ted.com/talks/andy_yen_
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