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Presentations for Interview

No description

Adrienne Jolly

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Presentations for Interview

What this session will cover:
What makes a good presentation?
(and what makes a BAD one?!)
No software? On the spot?
: What do you know?
What information have they given you?
(Is this a test of gathering information?)

Are you alone, or in a team?
(Is this a test of how you perform with a team?)

: What do they need to know?
What’s your beginning, middle and end?
Can you get to the point? (KISS)

Understanding the elements of a good presentation
Understanding how it fits with the interview process
Some ideas on Developing Content
Knowing how to avoid Pitfalls
Why Presentations?
Try this simple four-step process:

Advance notice allows you to plan, prepare and use software.....

On the Spot: This is to test your ability to gather, precis and present information.

It could also be 'creative' and group-based - so teamwork too!

Practice, Practice Practice!!

Practice your presentation before an audience, coach, video camera.
Get Feedback!
Your Turn.
5 minutes:
What's the point? What's your evidence? What do you conclude?
No pressure!
1) As part of a standard interview (presentation + 45 minute) or
2) As part of an assessment day, and
What will be different between 1 & 2?
What are employers looking for?
Images? How visual can you/should you be?
First impressions?
& Managing Nerves
- what are your top tips?
Norfolk & Norwich Festival is a flagship arts organisation for the East of England with a reputation for innovative, inspirational programming and commissioning. In addition to staging one of the most significant arts festivals in the UK each May, Norfolk & Norwich Festival collaborates throughout the year with local, national and international partners to produce work for a huge and diverse range of audiences, participants and communities.
This year sees performances from the great Hugh Masekela, Madeleine Peroux, and the Michael Clarke Company.
Norfolk & Norwich Festival
10 Days in May:
- What do you know, and what do you need to find out?

Is this a topic you need to research?
Do you need facts/statistics - or is it opinion-based?

(Quick example - slight sidetrack....)
(uncomfortable silence....)
And you?
How do you feel about giving presentations?
From the audience............................
3) As part of your job!
Who is your audience?

What points do you want/need to get across?

How much time have you got?

What visual aids are available? PowerPoint? Prezi? Flip chart?
Intro - Meeting the brief
Expand your argument

1:30 per page
Begin with detail - then boil down
Write a presentation, using flip chart paper if you wish.
5 minutes in length

"What you'd love to do after you graduate?"
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