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Unleash the Power of QA

No description

Zornitsa Nikolova

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of Unleash the Power of QA

Unleash the Power of QA
Put Them on the Product Team
A True story...
Meet team Bingo...
A happy team usually...
But sometimes...
The PO didn't say she wanted it this way!!!
It's a BUG!!!
Po in the middle...
John, the QA
Jessy, the dev
Bella, the PO
Ugh, not again in this conflict...
the PO dilemma...
How can I deliver READY backlog?
Team wants a lot of detail, and I am lacking the time, and sometimes detailed enough view... And also, I want to have more proposals from their side...
Bella is frustrated too...
the quality discussion...
When you say quality is not good, what exactly do you mean?
Well, it's functional correctness, usability, performance...
Wow, isn't it all about product design?
Quality is a broad topic...
Aikido Tactics...
What if I could work with QA earlier in the process?
Bella sees the passion that John puts in his work and wants to find better ways to use it and create a more meaningful result instead of conflict.
The power of QA...
Bella recognizes the potential that collaboration with QA in the product discovery and definition phase could bring.
- Sees the big picture AND the details
- customer focus
Dogmatic vs. pragmatic approach...
PO space (role)
QA space (role)
In a pragmatic approach, roles evolve around needs...
More added value...
Executable Agile Specifications
a happier end...
-Less conflict
-more added value for the team
-Better utilized potential
-Motivation and growth
As a user, I want to...
Acceptance Criteria
1. ....
2. ....
Test Case
Test Case
Test Case
The Product Backlog
User Stories
THAnk you for the attention!
Zornitsa Nikolova,
The narrator
Coach & passionate ProductOwner
Zornitsa Nikolova
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