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Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment Specialist

Bev Vas

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Recruitment Strategies

presented by
Recruitment / Campus Visits
Social Media and Apps
Video chats
Set up group chats
Chat with their families
Connect - long distance students
Go Beyond Regional
We Rock!
- Enlist current students to become a HS mentor
- Testimonial videos specific to their HS
We Care
Stay Connected
Stay Current

Events as they happen; insert videos, pictures
Studying abroad - pride, belonging
Winning prizes works
What to bring to events to win a prize
Replace their profile picture with our logo
Check in, Instagram, Vine or Snapchat at
a certain location or with specific staff
Texting lingo
Expand YouTube Series
New School, New York City
Go Old School - Personal Contact Counts!
-Follow-up calls, emails
-FB post or Blog about specific students
-Personalize visits - dept. applaud
Create the Demand

Exclusivity breeds desire
Application process
why do you want to be a nurse?
Show We Care
Reality day -salary.com, payscale.com
Groupon as an application waiver?
-want to feel like a savvy saver
Parents & Students
$ Conscious
t's hip to be
usnews.com, abc.go.news.com
To remain competitive it's critical for us
to adopt and stay current of the latest technology, social media and online trends.
85% of colleges use Facebook to recruit
66% of colleges use YouTube to recruit
80% of Admissions Specialist - asked to be FB friends
Deliberately encourage a deepening
of the relationship. Want to
understand and relate to
their feelings, goals,
and their dreams.
Enjoy the challenge of meeting new people. Strangers don't intimidate me; they energize me.
I want to learn their names and build a rapport.
I derive satisfaction from breaking the ice
and making a connection.
I focus on the differences between individuals.
I instinctively observe each person's style, motivation, strengths, how they think and how they build relationships and draw out the best in each person.
Always looking for connections.
I am intrigued when I find the
connection to things that are seemingly unrelated. I derive a jolt of energy
whenever there's a new idea.
I enjoy making people feel part of the group.
I instinctively accept people regardless of what type of person they are. My accepting nature rests on my conviction that fundamentally we are all the same and equally important.
Recruitment is the job
Retention pays for it
But it's the
that bring true satisfaction!
Video Games
Interactive Tour
Gray bags = caring
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