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No description

Carmen Wong

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Bell

CAUSE MARKETING BACKGROUND Bell is a Canadian Telecommunication and Media Company based in Montreal, Quebec.
One of the most important and powerful companies in Canada.
Founded in 1880 by Charles Fleetford.
The company serves a total of 13 million phone lines in Canada.
Named after Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone.
Provides Services such as Bell internet, Bell TV, voice mail, Bell Mobility like Virgin Mobile. Let's Talk About Strategy INTERNET MARKETING TARGET MARKET Geographic Psychographics Demographics IDEAL CUSTOMER OPINION pulls the heart strings of consumers
stresses the importance of helping Canada's number one disorder: mental illness
donates all profits to the Canadian Mental Health Association
creates a stronger bond with consumers
gives Bell a image boost Strategy VIRAL MARKETING #BellLetsTalk VIRAL MARKETING Strategy Thank you for listening to our presentation! & Remember to Join Bell for their Bell Let's Talk Day 2014! EVENT MARKETING This photo along with
similar photos were shared
over 96 million times on
their Facebook page! On February 12, Bell Aliant attempted to break
the world record for Most People Sending a
Text Message Simultaneously while generating
a ton of awareness and raising a bunch of money
for Mental Health programs in Halifax. Canadians talked like never before on Bell Let's Talk Day
96,266,266 tweets, Facebook shares, texts, & long distance calls. In total, Bell raised $4,813,313.30
Additional dollars were Bell donated to mental health programs This multi-year charitable program dedicated to the promotion and support of mental health across Canada.

Enhance awareness, understanding and treatment of mental illness and promote access to care and research across the country.

Mental illness is one of the most pervasive health issues in the country.

To introduce an extensive array of initiatives to support anti-stigma, increased access to care, additional research and the creation of an overall culture of mental health

Earn a connection with consumers through cause marketing We believe that Bell has done a good job! Supported a good cause
Proud to be Canadian
Raised more awareness to mental illness
Earned more money than the years before
Almost beat a Guinness World Record Convenient for customers
Reaches throughout all of Canada at once
Takes advantage of the importance of social media The information is always present
Cheaper marketing strategy
Opens the opportunity to tell potentials the capability and history The hash tag #BellLetsTalk was trending number one worldwide. This generates free publicity.
Interaction is personal (builds loyalty)
Free press release
Positive branding
Updates costumers with new deals and promotions
Easy access with costumers or potentials https://twitter.com/Bell_Mobility People who text
Dealing or overcome with mental illness ( i.e. Clara Hughes)
People that wants to be part of a cause
People that watches the news or read news paper (i.e CP24 or Metro)
Like to go on Youtube on the internet
Bell customers Name: Mason Scott
Age: 16
Economical level: Middle Class.
Income: $5,000 per year.
Family Life Cycle: Living with birth parents.
Ethnicity and culture: Born in Brampton, Ontario. Now lives in Toronto, Ontario. People living across Canada Gender: Both Male and Female
People with cellphones or Smartphones
Age range: Between 15-60 Demographic Psychographic high school student
involved in the art club and plays the cello in the orchestra
on his school's rugby team
has a part time job at Tim Hortons
likes going to the mall, bowling, and hanging out with friends
goes to Karate during the weekends
is music addict, listening to anything
can't live without his phone
facebook and twitter user Geographic Lives in Toronto,Ontario Product use statistic Heavy user of clothing
listening to music
Medium user of coffee
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