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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

No description

Alana Power

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Elements of Fiction
Setting -
Secret Annexe, office building, Amsterdam
Main Character -
Anne Frank
Other Main Characters -
Mr. & Mrs. Van Daan, Peter, Mr. & Mrs. Frank, Margot
Minor Characters -
Dussel, Miep, Mr. Koophuis, Mr. Vossen, Ellie
Conflict -
Man vs man & Man vs society
Simile -
“Miep is just like a pack muel, she fetches and carries so much” (Pg. 85).
Metaphor -
“Paper is more patient than man” (Pg. 2).
Personification -
“I want this diary to be my friend, and I shall call my friend Kitty” (Pg. 3)
Imagery -
When Anne describes the Secret Annexe. (Pg. 15-16)
Character Traits
Plot Map
By Anne Frank
The Diary of a Young Girl
Pg 152, paragraph 3-5
Now I look back at that Anne as an amusing, but very superficial girl, who has nothing to do with the Anne of today. Peter said quite rightly about me: “If ever I saw you, you were always surrounded by two or more boys and a whole troupe of girls. You were always laughing and always the center of everything!”
What is left of this girl? Oh, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten how to laugh or to answer back readily. I’m just as good, if not better, at criticizing people, and I can still flirt if . . . I wish. That’s not it though, I’d like that sort of life again for an evening, a few days, or even a week; the life which seems so carefree and gay. But at the end of that week, I should be dead beat and would only be too thankful to listen to anyone who began to talk about something sensible. I don’t want followers, admirers who fall not for a flattering smile but for what one does and for one’s character.
I know quite well that the circle around me would be much smaller. But what does that matter, as long as one still keeps a few sincere friends.
Important Read Aloud
We would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about the Holocaust in a more personal way rather than through textbooks and facts. When reading this book you are able to connect with Anne and get an insight of what was going on behind the closed doors and how she and her family were able to survive when hiding from the Nazis. She shares how she is feeling, what scares her, what makes her happy, what makes her sad. She talks about how they all had to adjust to the new environment and how they had to limit their food, bathing, and basically everything. In textbooks all it talks about is Hitler, the concentration camps and how the Jews were murdered but it doesn’t mention anything about how the Jews coped with it all because no one knew. By reading the book it is a lot easier for you to imagine yourself in Anne’s shoes as well as any other Jew at the time. This book allows you to look at the Holocaust in a much more personal and emotional way rather than a statistical way.
"Out of the millions who were silenced forever, one voice remains to remind us - the voice of
Anne Frank
Predictions & Outcomes
Anne Frank is going to die.
Anne dies in the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen in March 1945.

Her family is going to be hiding for a long time.
The Franks and Van Daans ended up hiding in the “Secret Annexe” for two years before they were discovered.

Her sister could possibly die.
Anne’s sister Margot does end up dying, but not from a cold. She gets over her cold but dies at Belsen at the end of February or the beginning of March, 1945.

Anne is going to fall in love with Peter.
Anne falls in love with Peter. They spend hours together in the attic just sitting and looking out the window.
In “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” it tells the story of two families who are hiding from the Nazi’s through the mind of Anne Frank, a thirteen year old girl. She talks about her life in hiding by writing about it in her diary whom she calls “kitty”. She feels that her diary is her only real friend and that it is more patient than any person. Anne and her family hid in an abandoned warehouse where her father had an office. They were accompanied by another family, the Van Daans. Anne doesn’t love the hiding place but she knows it could be much worse. Anne feels as if she is sort of the odd one out because her sister is little miss perfect and her parents seem to never agree with her. It doesn’t help much that Mrs. Van Daan can talk about nothing other than Anne’s bad manners, her character, her appearance, and much more. She almost has to raise herself because she feels as if her mother doesn’t understand her at all. In the book it states, “Oh, so many things bubble up inside me as I lie in bed, having to put up with people I’m fed up with, who always misinterpret my intentions” (Pg. 41). This quote shows that Anne feels like everyone is always against her and always are making wrong assumptions of her. She gets upset with them because she feels like she doesn’t belong. She sees life differently from them and gets frustrated when they say things about her or to her because they don’t see where she is coming from.
Job #1
Job #2
Mrs. Van Daan feels the need to input her opinion on everything even if it is an inappropriate time to say something. This creates a lot of tension between the two families, which isn’t such a good thing because they will be together for a long time. “ ‘You ought to have been in our home, we were properly brought up. It’s absurd that Anne’s so frightfully spoiled. I wouldn’t put up with it if Anne were my daughter’” (p.28). The quote helps show the mood of tension between the families. Mrs. Van Daan will need to stop wanting everything her way or the families stay together may be much longer than it is.
Job #3
When Anne Frank and her family had to relocate due to the fact that jews were being taken to concentration. They began living with another family, the Van Daan’s. There seems to be trust issues between Mrs. Van Daan and Mrs. Frank. I found it interesting when the two began hiding their own things from each other. In the novel it says, “...Mrs. Van Daan has taken all three of her sheets out of the common linen cupboard. She takes it for granted that Mummy’s sheets will do for all of us. It will be a nasty surprise for her when she finds that Mummy has followed her good example.” (Pg. 22) The fact that the families are in the situation that they are in it would be a good idea for them to learn to trust each other. It shows that if they can not even trust each other with their sheets that there is no trust between the two of them.
Job #4
Another symbolic reference is when Anne lost her fountain pen. It was really special to her and symbolizes in a way her old, free life. It was one of her most prized possessions. I thought it was symbolic in a sad way that her pen got burnt. In the book it says, “When my fountain pen did not turn up that evening, however, we all took it that it had been burned, all the more as celluloid is terribly inflammable.” It symbolizes her
old life being burned away. It is
resembling the life she used to
have with fun and freedom
being tossed away.
Job #5
Anne Says "No"

I think Anne made a bad decision in refusing to her mother’s offer to pray with her. One night Anne was laying in bed waiting for her father to come pray with her while her mother walks in. “‘Anne, Daddy can’t come yet, shall I say your prayers with you tonight?’ ‘No, Mummy,’ I answered” (69). This causes her mother to cry and say that love can’t be forced. I feel that that Anne dealt with the situation poorly. she may not like, or even love her mother, but she could have at least tried to. She made her mom fell horrible and I would not have done what she did.
1. Anne
Hot Headed

2. Mrs. Van Daan
Anne Frank
Nazis, Mrs. Van Daan
Peter, Mr. & Mrs. Frank,
Margot, Mr. Dussel
Secret Annexe
Amsterdam, Netherlands
1942 - 1945
June 14, 1942 to August 1, 1944
Anne Frank
Sometimes in stressful situations
people become selfish in order to preserve who they are.
Anne gets the diary for her birthday and begins the book. The Franks and Van Daans then have to move into the Secret Annexe to escape the Nazis.
There are all sorts of conflicts between
the residents of the hideout. Someone of them are starting to run out of money and food supplies are dwindling. Also the
tensions of the
ongoing war
Anne matured and realized
how much she changed.
The Franks and the Van Daans were discovered and taken to concentration camps. All of them were killed except for Mr. Frank who went on to publish Anne's diary.
Anne Frank
residents of the
Secret Annexe
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