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Maryland AM

No description


on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Maryland AM

Maryland AM
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Choice Location
Maryland''s Economy
Maryland's History
Maryland's Geography
Maryland's Government
Road Trip Distance
Facts: shipping port , famous , named after some one.
Port Herman of Maryland
Ocean city Maryland
Facts:Lot of people , one place where Maryland get a lot of money , boardwalk
Facts: Chesapeake bay, forest , rivers
port of Baltimore

Facts: shipping company , open jobs , one of the biggest shipping company
political map
political map
physical map
Interesting Facts
1.Babe Ruth is from Maryland
2.The populations in Maryland is 5,296,486
3.Maryland actor kills Lincoln
4.oldest flag in u.s.a
5.All man made lakes in Maryland
6.State tree:White oak
7.State flower:Black eyed susan
8.State bird:Baltimore oriole
9.Inportent shipping state
10. 9th smallest state
Facts :Maryland is a important shipping state,first umbrella factory , first dental schools in the U.S.A

Facts: The coastline is 3,600 miles long, some cliffs are 100 feet high , scientist from the
Geographic Location
Historic Location

Facts: Capital of Maryland , home to a lot of people , biggest city in Maryland

Political Location
Facts: Power plants , Population 5,296,486, 2 senatos
From the port of Baltimore to Port Herman it was 48 miles. Port Herman to the coastline is 90 miles. The coastline to Annapolis is 24 miles
. Annapolis to Ocean City Maryland is 93 miles and Ocean City Maryland to WCE is 1,800. The total is 2,055
Facts:Maryland hunting , oldest flag in the united states ,7th state made.
this is the end
Have any questions? Feel free to ask!
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