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Hero Journey of King Arthur

A map of King Arthur through his journey from kingship to death for Mr. Werhane's world myth

Jakob Reece

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Hero Journey of King Arthur

Hero Journey of King Arthur
By: Jakob Reece
Ordinary World
King Arthur is Raised by his step father Sir Ector and is a squire to his family
Call to Adventure
After being sent by his brother Sir Kay to retrive a sword from their tent Arthur pulls Excaliber from the stone
Refusal of Call
The Knights refuse to belive that Arthur is King and force him to pull the Excalbier out of the stone again of Christmas and Easter
Meeting the Mentor
After pulling Excaliber from the stone a third time Arthur is accepted as king and Merlin appers and tells Arthur the story of his birth
Crossing the threshold
Arthur establishes the Round table with his most trusted knight and starts building building his kingdom
Tests, Allies, and enimes
Modrder- Arthurs iliagitament son through his half sister who wants to take over the kingdom.
King Pellinele- One of Arthurs trusted kinghts and closest allies
a main test is when Arthur must prove that he is the one who recives Excaliber from the Lady of the Lake

Sir Garland, Sir Percival and Bors de Gannis find the Holy Grail, and bring the Empire to it's peak.
Death, and Road back
Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere are found out as having an affarie, Sir Lancelot leaves Britain, And Mordor and Arthur kill eachother in Battle
After being killed King Arthur was brought to Avalon and laid to rest with the belife that when England needed him most he would come back
Virtues of King Arthur
Throughout the legend Arthur is constantly puting his life on the line to help strengthen his kingdom and protect his people
The Kinghts of the round table constantly show how loyal they are to king Arthur by riding into battle, and going on quests to help the kingdom
King Arthur is always making decisions with the help of his Knights and his Mentor Merlin
Today all of the Traits that King Arthur and his Knights diaplaed throught this legend are still important to western culture today.
The Emperor of Rome demands tribute from Arthur, in return Arthur declares war and conquers Rome
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