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Hotdogz is the best

No description

Wagmah Nadjibulla

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Hotdogz is the best

The Product
Who produces the goods/services
For whom are the goods and services produced?

3) How are the goods and services produced?

What goods and services are produced?

The product we chose to sell are
hot dogs
. That is because there is a large demand for them in our school. Our school has a large number of students and staff . We can therefore sell a large number of hot dogs. Our hot dogs are also inexpensive ($1.50 each), so hopefully it can then bring a large profit. We will be selling hot dogs during lunch in the cafeteria.To make it convenient for the costumers we will be selling every other day. This business starts on Wednesday, then Friday, Monday and will be the same for the next three weeks.

Each hotdog that is produced will be available for everyone in our school. Anyone who wants to eat a hotdog can. Our school cafeteria has great food, but the students and staff of our school need a variety of choices in their daily lunch routine. Anyone with an appetite is welcome to buy our hot dogs. Everyday there is a huge amount of people waiting in the cafeteria lunch line, this shows how many students daily need to buy lunch, many teachers participate in this too. I think it is time to give our cafeteria a break and take matters into our hands for a few days.

We are taking a
loan (each) from our parents, who in our case are the
. The loan is more than enough for us to buy what we need. We will be paying off the money each day with the profits we earn, therefore there will be
no interest
. The total price of everything we need is around $40. The first day we are selling 72 hotdogs, each for $1.50. The first day we will be
making $108
(if all the hot dogs are sold) and so our
profit is $68
. The second day we will be selling 72 again, unless there is a change in demand.

will produce the necessary goods needed for our business. One of our manufacturers will be
Food Basics
. We will get all of our processed goods such as buns, hot dogs, ketchup, and mustard, from there. Our hot dogs will be sold in tissue papers. We will get these items from
, our second manufacturer.

Food Basics produces the Goods
Dollarama is our tableware producer

We use number of steps to prepare our product, which then is sold to the customers. For this business we used the production team method. The first step is, take the hot dogs
out of the bag
place them in a pot that is full of water
. Then
boil them for 5-7 minutes
. The second step is,
take the hot dogs out of the pot and grill them for another 5-7 minutes
. When the
hot dogs are well cooked place them in the bun.
After completing all the steps,
the hot dogs are then ready to be sold
. The customer can then add any sauces such as ketchup, and mustard, if they wish to.
Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:

After the hot dogs and buns have been
brought to school and cooked
, at the mentioned lunches we will put
the hot dog in the bun
ask the customers
whether they want
ketchup, mustard or nothing
. Geography often determines which goods can be provided but for our business all the
necessary products are provided.
Our products would look like this:
By:Qusai, Ahmad, Wagmah and Fahmida
100% Halal
Hot Dog Iz the Best!
How are the goods and services distributed?

Our goods distribution is very simple . Our business is fairly small, we don’t need truck fleets to carry our products, hotdogs are boiled and grilled in the kitchen, then brought out. On the contrary, we are buying the products ourselves. First we buy the products from Food Basics. Then we deliver it to school ourselves.

Lastly we put the hot dogs together, which are then ready to be sold to the students and staff.

Go Green Cricket Field
Since our business takes place in Valley Park Middle School, we would like to acknowledge it. We would like to put 5% of our earnings towards our go green cricket field project.
Thank you !
Special thanks to Julie, who helped us organize everything. We couldn't proceed in our project without her help. It wouldn't have been possible without her .
Click here

To make our business known to the school we will do
multiple types of advertising
. On
Tuesday March 25
will make an
to the school, both
morning and afternoon
. We are aware that many students in our school don't pay attention to the announcements. Due to this we will also put up
all over the school. Now again some students don't bother looking at posters, that is why our final idea for advertising is
word of mouth
. If all the students in our class know about the type of business we are doing they will obviously talk to the others about this, giving our business popularity. The more people know about our business the more their want to try our hot dogs.
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