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No description

Lisa Iaccarino

on 14 April 2017

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Transcript of S.T.O.R.Y.

Making Memoiries
Turning Six Words into Hundreds
Middle School Teachers Proven to Ask the Best Questions
The Six Word Memoir
Time for Questions, Discussions,
& Take Aways
Thursday, March 30, 2014
NELMS Edition
Engaged and Eager Student Writers
Blogging Students Find Their Voice
When Students Attack
Revision and Editing that Works
Workshop Model and Peer Revision
Spreading the Truth of Real Youth
Truth Revealed at NELMS S.T.O.R.Y Workshop
Blogging Expectations
Tips and Tidbits
Why Blog?
Publish at least one blog per month on student administered blogged.
Adhere to copyright laws and Creative Commons
Write whatever you want
Respectful language
Revision and Editing are a Must
Use only your first name
Teens Spread Truth
How Sharing Stories Affects Us All
Goal: Build Passion for Writing
Choose Examples of Your Best Work
Choice is essential. Allow freedom.
Celebrate achievements.
Encourage students to read the work of their peers.
Examine established blogs.
Discuss types of blogging entries.
Put students in charge.
Go beyond writing.
Use flexible due dates to allow for continuous uploading of new entries.
Set blogging settings to avoid inappropriate comments/spam.
Blogging Specific Mini-Lessons (Ex. Attracting an audience, Titles, Formatting, Including Media, Tagging, Etc.)

Why Write Memoirs?
Because Our Stories Matter.
Plus...Nancie Recommends It
Engage, Excite, Encourage

Lisa Iaccarino! Page 3
How the STORIES are Told
Page 5
A Culmination of the Middle School Experience and a Chance to Tell a Story
Examine and Analyze Lots of TED talks throughout the year
Brainstorm Topics
Write and Confer
Revise, Revise, Revise Some More
Peer Practice and Peer Revision
Whole Group Practice and Critique
Video-ing Performance
Culture of Trust
Culture of Growth
Culture of Imperfection
Focus on What Writers Do
Small Group Discussions
Whole Group Critiques
Time in Class is Key!
MS Dean of Students and MS English Teacher - Worcester Academy
Twitter: @iaccaril
Personal Blog: teaching365.wordpress.com
8th Grade Class Blog: waeng8.wordpress.com
Lisa Iaccarino
Course Essential Questions
Core Beliefs and Practices
Why tell stories?

What is your story?

How do you tell stories for greatest impact?

How does hearing the stories of others impact our own?

Inclusion and Equity
Project Based
Authentic Learning and Assessment
Real-World Connections
Student Driven
Public Audience
Students Channel Hemingway to Start Memoir Unit
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