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No One Left Behind

IOM registered close to 9,000 families in Jean Marie Vincent camp Port au Prince, in early September 2012

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Transcript of No One Left Behind

Sept. 4,5th - IOM registered over 8,000 families in Jean Marie Vincent Beneficiaries Security The process Nearly three years after the earthquake, tens of thousands of Haitians still live in vast tent cities.
The camps are rife with gangs and violence.
Follow the extraordinary story that the Haitian government hopes will soon see a camp closed and all its people housed. No One Left Behind Beneficiaries In September 2012, almost nine thousand poor families lined up before dawn to be registered by IOM. Security "I'm with PNH. We work closely with MINUSTAH and UNPOL to protect the vulnerable and ensure the Government's registration runs smoothly." Beneficiaries Beneficiaries text Watch a video about the beneficiaries of this project Registration Watch a video explaining how the registration was carried out For thousands living in shelters, registration brings hope Jean Marie Vincent is an IDP camp built on an old military airport. It is crucial to capture the details of every household to ensure humanitarian aid gets to the right people. Blueprint for the registration, supported by Haitian police, backed up by UN peacekeepers. Watch a video of the registration here The final reckoning people living in tents and shelters IOM registration figures from 4/5 September 2012: This Prezi is an Ayiti Living Lab product created by Ilaria Lanzoni families in tents and shelters 8,789 32,560 A Government of Haiti initiative Home to tens of thousands since the January 2010 earthquake. Port-au-Prince's disused military airport http://iomhaitidataportal.info/dtm/ For more information
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