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How companies Cope


Cin Munshower

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of How companies Cope

RULE #5 In a flat world more buisness will be done through collaborations within and between companies beacuse
things are becoming so complex that no single firm or department will be able to mater them alone. The cutting edge of technical innovation in every field is increasingly specialized. An example being...
VIDEO GAMES!! Game makers have long been
commissioning special music to go
with games. Many middle jobs will go to people who are
great synthesizers beacuse the more the flattening of the world connects all the knowledge pools together, the more new specialties will be spawned and the more innovation will come from putting these specialities together in new and different combinations. Jobs will be going to synthesizers, and companies that realize they will have to make changes to be able to globalize and compete in today's economy. Rolls royce realized that they wouldnt make it in today's market by remaining a primarily U.K. based company. So they integrated into marekts in China to Singapore, to India to Italy, to Spain to Germany and Japan up to Scandanavia. Rule #6 Bigger companies sometimes break down smaller companies to reap a profit. HP won a 150 million dinero contract to manage the data of 750 banks in india. All of the data processed by HP goes
to three hubs in Bangalore, Barcelona,
and Guadalajara. Most of HP's revenues come outside of the United States. Rule #7 The best companies dont outsource and shrink thereselves. The best way to outsource is adding more jobs where it
is most effective, as well as hiring new extra knowledge
workers. Seidmans, hires more knowledge workers
and workers in general then it lets go, therefore
they dont cut costs, they develop innovation. You outsource to win, not to cut down. Rul3 #8 The way companies do business today matters more then ever since they will affect the flattening world and its path. Consumers now are more then monologists, whenever they buy stuff, they read reviews and
check how good things work, which makes business have to react and make products better then usual. Ruler 9 Dont dig yourself in and stuff.
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