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Copy of Goodnight Mister Tom - Character Analysis

English Project on Goodnight Mister Tom - suggesting how the characters change throughout the novel and what they portray.

Andrei Ghet

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Goodnight Mister Tom - Character Analysis

Goodnight Mister Tom
Willie was a nervous, quiet child at first - which is only as expected, as we learn throughout the book about his abusive up-bringing. This meant he had some negative traits...
Thomas Oakley
Zacharias Wrench
Mrs Beech
Thank you
I have read the book many times, which has helped me look into the characters in more depth. Goodnight Mister Tom is really amazing - and includes plenty of important messages portrayed by the characters.
Williams Vicious Cycle
Consequence 2
Because of Williams worries and concerns, he wets his bed.
Williams Excitement
"It's the best....It's the best"
Consequence 1
"The excitement and food simply welled up in him and he vomited all over the carpet"
By the end of the book, the author made it clear that William was a changed boy:
"Dad," Will repeated in a surprised tone, "I'm growin'!".
William Beech
Mister Tom had shut himself out from the world since he lost his wife and son. "Come on in" repeated tom harshly".
Having William touched something untouched inside of Tom, which softened him and lifted his heart.
"Tom was terribly proud of him yet he had been for a long time."
"Zacharias Wrench. That's me. Or Zach for short."
At the start of the book, Zach is a larger-than-life character. But towards the end, Zach learns from William that there's more to life than making people laugh.
Mrs Beech is a character to hate throughout all the novel, however (with some analysing) you can see a change in her.
A first, it is clear that Mrs Beech is ill:
"I'm sorry," she said, "I'm not very well, you see, and I'm tired".
Because of this, she is shocked rather than angry at Wills appearance.
This is when her mental illness starts to show through, as she takes it out William:
"What have I said about asking questions!" she said, slamming her hand down angrily on the table".
This shows her she can lose her temper very quickly - and show abuse towards her own child.
When Mrs Beech finds out William has been friends with someone Jewish, she loses all rationality:
"He could still hear her screaming and felt her hitting him..."
But after spending some time with William...
By Evie Lunn - 7B1
Willie's character is quite similar to Henry's cahracter in Michelle Magorian's "Just Henry".
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