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Lewis and Clark (Caden Nix)

No description

lib hist

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of Lewis and Clark (Caden Nix)

Into the Vast Beyond
Lewis and Clark were in the Middle of their expedition and was this their first ever amazing discovery.
The Trail of
Lewis and Clark
Getting Ready
The Great Unknown
When the Louisiana Purchase was just purchased and Thomas Jefferson hired Lewis and Clark to go onto their expedition.
Lewis and Clark Journal
Peoples of the West
Who's Who
Caden Nix
They were getting permission in order to go. And Lewis had chosen Clark to join him to go on the adventure.
When they were getting taught how to create maps, medicine, and how to classify plants and animals.
The Indians had just became apart of the voyage. Lewis and Clark had just discovered Native American Indians, and what their culture actually was.
Worthy of Notice
This is when Lewis and Clark are taking notes and drawing pictures of all the fascinating things they saw for Thomas Jefferson.
What Came After?
This is when the journey ended and when they arrived back in St Louis. Now Lewis & Clark will be remembered forever in United States history.
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