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Extracurricular Activities

We all know the benefit of electives for the on-coming generation, but what about for the individual?

Hope Karibian

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Extracurricular Activities

Electives The Individual's Benefit We Are Familiar with Electives... Electives, as we all know, are other classes, other
than the core classes, that can prepare the
student for the future of the 21st century.
Previous studies have gathered that electives
provide these 21st century skills effectively to students who choose to take these classes as a whole. However, what do electives do to the individual student? How Electives benefit the individual: It provides the student with higher grades and greater understanding of their subjects
It creates a positive experience for the student's high school career Higher Grades and Personal Success Electives have shown that they increase test scores and core class grades! "Students of lower socioeconomic status who took music lessons in grades 8–12 increased their math scores significantly as compared to non-music students. But just as important, reading, history, geography and even social skills soared by 40%."
- "From Nature", written by Jeffery Gardiner Despite geographic location, socioeconomic class or school
district, it is shown that electives can improve
grades in the core classes significantly in a positive and effective way. SAT Scores (Average and Elective Students) Proven by college board, it just shows
that electives provide students to expand
their minds academically, and they help
retain knowledge and information that has
been provided by other classes, including core. Positive high school experience... "Students at risk of not successfully completing their high school educations cite their participation in the arts as reasons for staying in school. Factors related to the arts that positively affected the motivation of these students included a supportive environment that promotes constructive acceptance of criticism and one where it is safe to take risks."
— From The Role of the Fine and Performing Arts in High School Dropout Prevention, 2002; Barry, N., J. Taylor, and K. Walls
It is shown that, when students are in a positive environment, it will benefit their character in the future, as well as provide an excellent learning environment for their regular studies. There would be less distraction from the lessons at hand, and it would create a more positive and encouraging work environment. Campaign To Save Musical Electives. The Cons of Electives... "[An] article by Grace Chen entitled Decreasing Public High School Elective Programs Chen tells the reader why electives are being cut and what its effects are upon the students... According to Chen’s research 'About 46 percent of public spending on elementary and secondary schools is derived from local government budgets. The size of the local tax base is one reason for the large disparity in spending.' Also the increased testing demands put on schools by no child left behind have forced high schools to focus more on the core subjects. These issues are forcing schools to cut back on high school electives."
Many professionals in the school board, along with tax payers and of the like are afraid that these
extra classes will interfere with the budget of the education system. Since the rise of electives are taking place, it has only increased the amount of money schools need to fund these classes. Due to the new No Child Left Behind Act, funding for extracurricular classes have been difficult throughout the nation's education system, which results schools into cutting out other classes to focus more on the core classes that are actually needed for graduation. Why Electives Are Still Important Even though the opponent may argue that electives
distract students from class, studies in test scores
and behavior analysis show otherwise; students seem
to perform better on standardized test scores, as
well as recall their high school career as an enjoyable
Even though that it may cost more for the education,
it would be worth it for the development of the
future's next generation. To Recall Everything... Electives during a student's high school career may influence
the individual positively by improving their test scores, and by providing a positive learning experience for the student. Despite the arguments with funding, and believing that electives distract the student from their core classes, electives provide a stress relief, improved education for the nation, and to apply needed skills for the generation entering the 21st century. It is also argued that electives would distract the student from the important subjects, like math, science and so on.
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