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CycleGO Prezentation

Download from Prezibase.com

Anete Matvejeva

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of CycleGO Prezentation

The user will be able to select, upload their own or choose one of the default photos.Share it on social platforms or do both of the step later.
The app would allow creation of a personal profile with users details.Keep track and earn rewards for ride/miles, calories burnt and Co2 saved
It will thus provide game rewards in return for safer, more considerate cycling as part of game objectives rather than encouraging maximum speeds.
Cycling Go!
combines playing a computer game with riding a bike – Strava meets Pokémon Go!
It makes a commute into a compelling gaming experience whilst enhancing cyclist awareness of hazards.
By choosing characters specialized gear for the ride the player can earn extra points.
After a character has been selected it can be prepared for a ride with a specialized gear.
The completed application, whilst containing location specific ‘levels’ or missions, must be re-usable for other routes and scenarios.

After the start, 'route-reading’ tips would highlight paint markings ahead and sound/vibrate warning of a shared use cycle crossing.
Points will be recieved for awareness at junctions,keeping left and learning polite cycling – slow for pedestrians and giving priority to more vulnerable users.
The app will have narrative based missions–Bradford’s cultural treasures being destroyed by evil PetrolGeddon? Save them by scoring more than 500!
Points allow rewards (character bling, greater score on next ride, discounts from shops or free stuff from shops etc. en route).
The cyclist attention is maintained by using AR media layers, audio and messages on-screen to complement the user’s view of their surroundings.
Cycling apps have hitherto been confined to fitness apps and mapping apps.
Strava has been the closest to offering social gaming – riders compete based mainly on speed, for example up or down hills.
Our app presents characters, storylines and goals as part of specified routes,tracking riding behaviour using GPS and the phone’s motion sensors and providing ‘route-reading’ tips.
Cycling Go!
instead places reward based gaming front and centre, encouraging modal shift to cycling through addictive, competitive experiences which can be integrated with local sustainable transport initiatives.
A variety of characters both for boys, girls and adults can be found while creating the individual profile.
The main target-teenagers on route to college/school via dedicated segregated cycling infrastructure and young professional commuters in areas with a high propensity for cycling modal shift.
On Mission or Jouney Completion
the user can level up or get new challenges like encourage a friend to participate, cycle 10 miles or cycle to work/school every day.

Share your results with your friends on various social platforms!

Thank you for your attention
Inbetween narrative objectives and
gaming elements, the app acts
like a navigation device
rather like Google Maps.
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