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Slovakia - presentation

My slovakia, the country I live in

Lukáš Imrich

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Slovakia - presentation

Where do I live in? I live in one of the smallest and yougest
countries of this continent. The maximum length of the country from east to west is 428km and 195km from north to south.
The Slovak Republic covers 49, 032 km2.
It is about the size of Denmark or Croatia, but larger than Holland, Belgium or Switzerland Slovakia is the capital of Slovakia
and, with a population of about 431,000, also the country's largest city. Bratislava Piešťany home TOWN Slovak Karst Beauty is not to be found only on the outside, it often remains concealed;
and for us to admire it, we need to go deep under the surface.
The beautiful caves of the Slovak Karst mountains are a proof that to fi nd
beauty we need to undertake such a journey. Slovak paradise High Tatras Beech forests The Carpathian primeval forests contain within a small area an extraordinary
number of trees, plants and fungi. They are home to rare species of
animals, mainly endangered bird species. This pristine natural beauty gives
us a chance to see the forest as it used to be, centuries ago before human
intervention. The conservation reserve site of
Vlkolínec is a preserved village with
typical wooden architecture and
farmstead yards. It was named after
an ancient myth and the abundance
of wolves living in Liptov woods at
the time. Vlkolínec The Spiš Castle On a limestone hill towering at 200 m
above the surrounding area, the
Spiš Castle reigns supreme over the
Spišská basin. Its size, spreading over
four hectares, is recognized as one of
the largest and best preserved castle
complexes in Central Europe. Bardejov The historical centre of Bardejov is unique in the number of exceptionally wellpreserved
burgher houses encompassing the market square which has been
the centre of activity in the region since the Middle Ages. The town was the
mediaeval centre of trade and thanks to its famous markets it became the
destination for many merchants of the time. Ice Hockey They have always been a very independent people and loved their "Szlebodu" or freedom as they say it in their Goral dialect. Gorals The majestic Tatra mountains are still where they feel most at home And many people are discovering the colorful beauty of
their culture,
their kindness,
self-sufficient nature,
hard work
ethic, and bravery These are
the Goral. and we love small spa
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