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Me and the Blondes

No description

Hanna Veitch

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Me and the Blondes

Me and the Blondes "How did your poor husband pass away? "
Make it simple Mama, i tried to bore into her, simple simple...
"His brains exploded."
"An aneurism?"
"Okay," said Mama.
"I'm sorry hon," said Mrs. Haver. "At least it was fast."
"it vas?" Mama looked puzzled. I nodded furiously at her. "Ya. It vas. Yours?"
"Heart Attack."
"Oooo dat's good too."
I could've killed her. The main character of the story is Sophia ( preferably called Sophie) Kandinsky. She has a very eccentric, Bulgarian mother (Magda) Sophie spends almost the entirety of the novel hiding the fact that she has a father. Her and her mother pretend that he is dead (as perviously stated, his brains exploded.) A lie. Sophie tries to hide that she has a father because he is in jail for murder. All Sophie needs to do is get close with the populars, or "the blondes." Identity Popularity Lies "Shes got prison cooties.
That's the murderer's kid.
The murderer's kid.
Murderer's kid." Sophie has always been taunted for being the murderers kid. This is why she has gone to so many different schools in the past. Nothers Heights is a new start. "Stay light on your feet. Stab or be stabbed, Sophie." Even though he is not there, Sophies father has a huge influence on her. "Don't let them in. Keep your cards close to your chest, princess. Don't ever let them know you care" "Rest is not an option when you're hauling around a truckload of secrets. The thing is, with secrets i mean, you basically wake up scared and go to bed scared. "Mama always turns the water on and tries to cover up her sobbing. It happens every other sunday when he calls." Madison invited me over after our seventh team practice. But who's counting?" (page 64).....Madison is the lead blonde. Canadian Content: The whole novel takes place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the late 1970's and early 80's. Also in the novel Sophies father is kept in a penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario. Low Point Sophie is on her own. When the lead
blonde, Madison, figures out her secret. High Point Sophie fits in with the blondes. Sophie is like a kitten because she likes to fit in and she is girly, and when she doesn't get her way it upsets her. Real friends will stick with you through the thick and thin. By: Hanna Veitch

ENG 2DR Theme Statement: "Arriving fashionably late was a rule. You needed a playbook to keep up with the rules of being a blonde" (page 139)
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