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The Chernobyl Accident

On April 26, 1986, an accident occured at the nuclear power station in Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Evan Storch

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of The Chernobyl Accident

What Occured:
Happened April 26, 1986.
A nuclear fallout occured in Chernobyl, Ukraine, which was at that time under USSR control.
MAssive amounts of radioactive matieral entered the enviroment.
the fallout happened because of a flawed Soviet reactor design and the plant operators were not qualified, this lead to many mistakes.
It was a direct consequence of Cold War isolation
The resulting steam explosion and fires released at least 5% of the radioactive reactor core into the atmosphere and also spread downwind. Other Governments reactions (politically)
The United States was the country that reacted the most efficiently to this disaster.
To help, they made what is called the nuclear regulatory commision
The UNited state's Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) responded to the accident by examining their own current regulations in order to prevent anything similar from happening in the UNited states. They conducted their examination through three separate phases: THREE PHASES
Determine facts
Assess IMplications
Conduct additional studies
The initial reaction of the soviet government was to cover up how serious the situation was because they did not want the whole world to be blaming them.
The rest of the world was angered by this action because they were not able to react in an appropriate manner (towards controlling the fallout)
The Soviet government lied about the amount of radioactive particles released into the atmosphere.
The accident ended up costing the Soviet government around 18 million rubles(653,328 U.s. dollars) to contain contamination. Chernobyl By: Evan Storch, Katie Daniel, Lauren FInley, Amber Port Political Effects Societal Effects The initial explosion resulted in the deaths of 2 workers.
Twenty-eight of the firemen and clean-up workers died inthe first three months from Acute Radiation Sickness andone of cardiac arrest.
Many people evacuated the area. There were about 200,000 people that did evacuate and relocate to safer areas.
Many other people have had health issues due to the falllout. The risk of cancer and other fatal dieseases became more frequent. ( Because of their exposure to high levels of radiation. Health Effects There are currently 1,800 documented cases of thyroid cancer in children between the ages of 0-14.
This was due to the high levels of radioactive iodine released from the Chernobyl reactor in the early days after the accident.
Cows and Milk
Cardiovascular Disease
Many psychological effects existed after the Chernobyl accident: suicides, drinking problems, and apathy.
Mutations in animals Europe and the World? Several countries were affected by the radioactive
particles from Chernobyl. Scandinavian countries were
hit with Cesium and other isotopes and even blew
northward into Sweden & Finland. Chernobyl, Today. Political Fallout Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and many other parts of the Soviet Union were directly affected by the accident.
Radioactive isotopes were blown into Sweden and Finland, therefore, creating political tension all over the northern hemisphere.
The accident altered diplomatic relations between the U.S. and its European allies.
Soviet leader,Mikhail Gorbachev, attempted to regain foreign relations with the U.S. by approving a ban on nuclear-bomb testing. Environmental Effects
The aftermath of the Chernobyl accident was devestating to the enviroment
The plants, animals, and humans were all effected because of the high levels of radiation.
The radiation caused many defects to to the plants, animals and the human population around the region.
Radiation in the enviroment caused the water to be contiminated as well as the air, which lead to the whole community around it being infected with radiation. The Wormwood Forest
This forest is an example of the destruction caused by Chernobyl.
Radioactive particles settled on trees killing
approximately 400 hectares of pine forest.
Because of this, the Woodword Forest is one
of the most contaminated terrestrial grounds on earth.
The radioactive pollution killed all of the forest's trees with the exception of Birch and Aspen. The Wormwood Forest is now
known as "The Red Forest" PLANTS
Plants suffered severe damage to their reproductive tissue causing the need to replace them rather than let them grow out.
It took three years to regain reproductive functions

The chemicals that were released in the air included a large amount of plutonium, some cesium, and little strontium.
100 times more radiation was released in the air than the fallout from the nuclear bonbs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
There is a 19 mile exclusion zone around the accident that still remains inhabital.
Wind carried the radioactive cloud past Sweden, to Holland and Belgium.
20 years following the accident, sheep on hundreds of farms have to be tested for radiation before their meat can be eaten. An example of the enviromental damage FUN FACTs '
The Soviet UNION
"Glasnost" is a soviet term established in 1985, which refers to the soviet government being secretive about their actions.
When the chernobyl accident occured, this secrecy came into play again.
The west wanted them to provide them with important information but the soviets refused.
This and the Chernobyl fallout is one of the catalysts that triggered the many events that lead to the end of the USSR. Chernobyl Today The Chernobyl Nuclear Plant is inside a fenced area known as
the Exclusion Zone.
Reactor 4, the failed reactor, sits inside a sarcophagus which is
now leaky and threatening to collapse.
Work has started on a new encasement, which is est. at
2 billion dollars.
Elderly people have moved back inside the Exclusion Zone in
Pripyat, ignoring the radiation levels.
The town of Pripyat, however, is ghost town. THANK YOU.
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