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Genius Hour

No description

Lucy C

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Genius Hour

The period when the students make
their own decision on what it is that they want to explore and develop new ideas or master new skills What is Genius Hour? THE ORIGINS OF GENIUS HOUR HP invented the 10% time, which is always referred to as a "convention", not an explicit policy. Hp held it after lunch on Friday, and engineers had access to anything needed to do the job Google has a "20%
time" policy. Compared to the similar ideas before them, they've done more to validate it as an actual strategy and popularize it in tech circles 1 2 3 V.S LEVEL OF MOTIVATION GENIUS HOUR CLASS TIME Genius Hour 3M developed a
"15 percent time" rule Most people in class are more motivated during Genius Hour compared to a normal class. They are also more proud of their work created during Genius hour. Most people feel less motivated during class time than Genius Hour, and more prefer Genius Hour over normal class time. The reason why we do Genius Hour in IT9 is to give more freedom to students. Also, to give them a chance to make use of their inspirations, learn new ideas and skills, and push their limits in computer Why Genius Hour in IT9 Most people work on programs like Photoshop, Flash, and garage band during Genius hour. There are also students who tries out different websites such as sumo paint. Freedom Inspiration Push the Limits Quality of Work HIGHER QUALITY LOWER QUALITY Most people produce a higher quality of work during class time. It is easier to learn when there is a specific tutorial or demonstration from teacher A lower quality of work is produced during genius hour compared to normal class time. Sometimes, it is hard to understand where and how to start off when exploring something new. Also, some tutorials found online are confusing and unaccurate My Works
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