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South Africa

Welcome to South Africa!

Marcus Sorrell

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of South Africa

By:Marcus Sorrell
South Africa
In this presentation hosted by PREZI you will find
The first people of South Africa ever recorded were the San People and the Khoekhoe people.
Both clans lived in the lower part of Africa.Archaeologists belived that normal people lived there.Both San and Khoekhoe people built tribes near lakes or streams and later the Africans discovered Europeans.Both tribes had a recoil discovering the Europeans because the Europeans transmitted dieseases.Such as small pox.
South Africa is a republic country
In South Africa the Population is 50.59 million only!
South Africans belive that they can somehow communicate with thei deaceased elders and ancestors. It is Tradition for some South African to be a sangoma which means healer.Sangomas are usually found in every cultural village.A traditional food is Biltong which is a beef jerky like food made from ostrich and refined spices.
I want to visit South Africa for three reasons.
The first reason I want to go to South Africa is beacause the wild life there flourishes in beauty, with lions,hippos,giraffes and gazelles.
Second reason is beacause I want to try the Billtong there.Imported Billtong is good, but I want to try domestic billtong with fresh African spices.Lastly I want to see the poverty in the world so I could Fix it in the future.
Thanks for wating my Prezi Presentation.
South Africa
Goverment of South Africa
Population and Languages
Tradition and and way of life.
National Flag
The End
History of South Africa.
The political system of South Africa
The Population and What languages are spoken
Why I want to go to South Africa
The Culture of South Africa
Languages Spoken in South Africa include
North Sotho
South Sotho
In a Republic country is a mix of Democracy and Dictatorship.The people of South Africa elect a person to
make laws but the person has no other imput of anyone one laws are made.
Some Figures of goverment incude Jacob Zuma[President],Julius malema [polititon]
Nelson Mandela[former President]
Why I want to visit South Africa
A Sangoma
Some Billtong
Jacob Zuma
South African Villagers and a traveller.
South Africa's coat of arm.
Some pictures of South Africa's wildlife
map of South Africa
A shack belonging to a poor family.
hanging biltong
Kids trying to play soccer
A Sotuh African Village
South African natives
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