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CSDP Missions and Operations: Lessons Learned Processes

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Veronika K

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of CSDP Missions and Operations: Lessons Learned Processes

Lessons Learned Processes CSDP Missions and Operations: Content 2.1 Literature Review formalization of the learning processes 1. Study Military operations Civilian missions 2. CSDP Lessons Learned – Theory and Practice 1. Study 01/2012 - 03/2012 EU documents new tools for integrating lessons 2. CSDP Lessons Learned – Theory and Practice 2.1 Literature Review 2.2 Process of learning lessons 3 Conclusions first stock-taking exercise of the lessons learned processes at EU level Three components 1. CSDP Lessons Learned – Theory and Practice 2. Review of CSDP missions and operations 3. Conclusions and Recommendations “We only learn lessons when things change as a result of our new knowledge [...]
the organization’s Lessons Learned capability enables the organization to reach its full potential.” NATO, Lessons Learned Handbook Second Edition, September 2011 Independent literature 2003: Political and Security Committee 2007: European Lessons Management Application
(ELMA) 2008: Guidelines for identification and implementation
of lessons and best practices in civilian CSDP missions introduction of annual reports consensus:
necessity of standardized learning processes wide use of informal mechanisms
-> standardized procedures really
necessary or even useful? 2.2 Process of learning lessons Funding and financial mechanisms Lack of personnel for civilian missions Training of new and current staff Military operations Civilian missions ATHENA Foreign Policy Instrument No engagement of the CPCC with Ministers of Interior of Foreign Affairs 2011: Europe’s New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRi) Areas of learning lessons Actors European Union Military Staff EUMS Civilian Planning and Conduct Capabilities
CPCC Crisis Management Planning Directorate
CMPD 2012 Since 2007 aim to involve all levels in the exercise European Lessons Management Application ELMA database modeled on ELMA is being developed CiLMA informal mechanisms Other mechanisms visits to the missions internal reviews Lessons learned material Annual Reports
thematic reports military and civilian cooperation development of CiLMA training of new and current missions staff Aim 3. Conclusions military and civilian side standardized and coherent mechanisms Challenges to learning negative perception restricted access to documents weak coordination CMPD and CPCC : unclear division
of labour insufficient dedicated staff General recommendations Recommendations to the EP horizontal learning
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