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Bermuda Triangle

No description

Feliciano Juarez

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Disappearences Many planes and ships have been lost but their are some that are probably a lot more popular than others. Such as the
- Star Ariel
-Star Tiger
-S.S. Cyclops
-Flight 19
-S.S. Sulphur Queen
-S.S Nerues
-S.S Proteus
And probably thousands of others. U.S Navy The U.S Navy probably has lost the most out of the Bermuda Triangle yet they refuse to believe that there is something going on with the Bermuda triangle and try to investigate the frequent disappearences that have possibly killed 10x the amount of ships lost. Theories People have many opinions of the bermuda triangle and the most popular one is that there is the mythical city known specifically know as "Atlantis" and the city is emitting crystal energys that use a magnetic force to disrupt the compasses of the ships and boats. Connections There is not much evidence that there is any kind of connection between the all of the mysterious disappearences between the many.I've found that most of these ships seem to need their compasses, many have been a heavy load, a seperit many have been vessels of the U.S Navy. More Theories Another theor of the Bermuda triangle is that they believe that after you enter these clouds form for some odd reason and they believe that the clouds emit an electro magnetic pulse that interferes with they're compasses.
They also believe that alien could have some reason to be involved with the bermuda triangle. Just a theory of my own. I believe that the first ship that sank into the bermuda triangle had a chemical in masses that could've chemically responded to the salt water and caused other ships to sink furthering the process of chemicals inside the bermuda triangle and soon developed more and more chemical reactions that chained together soon making it into a very lethal place for ships,aircrafts and submarines From my perspective of the Theories I think that some of the theories are kind of hopes that something could've happen to the bermuda triangle that could be a huge discovery.Such as the theory of Atlantis, if there was a city under water how would we bring it back to the surface, how would it stay in good shape to not be in ruins,how would we get it because the bermuda triangle is believed to have one of the deepest parts of the Atlantic Ocean more Perspective View i think the idea of there being a relationship of the bermuda triangle and aliens is kind of outrageous because there would be no way for aliens to have made it through here and how would they make into the triangle with out making some flashy entrance,and furthermore how long would they last with there limited amount of recourse long enough to destroy so much history. Conclusion I have found that there really aren't any know connections to any of the disappearances because we really wont know the details till we could get survivors of the Bermuda triangle on several occasions which would allow us to take the details and come up with a conclusion but until then the Bermuda Triangle still remains a mysterious location and a threatening area of the ocean
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