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American High School

No description

Caroline gauffre

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of American High School

American High School Daily school life Dances and events Students and faculty 1. 2. 3. 1 2 Daily school life Freshman
Senior 9th 10th
12th 4 grades 5 compulsory classes 2 electives 1 Math
1 Science
1 English
1 Social Studies
1 Language 7 classes and How are you willing to work?? hard Regular
AP choice in level difficulty Grading system A
F 93% to 100% 85% to 92% 77% to 84% 70% to 76% under 70% No such thing as the baccalaureate SATs Math
Writing a standardized test required for college admissions What are the requirements to ? graduate Amount of credits AP exams Cafeteria The Multiple lunch shifts unhealthy food... Yellow school bus What about VACATION ? Thanksgiving Christmas Spring break 3 Students and faculty Sports clubs and are very important ! • Part of your school day Sports • Teams: Girls, Boys, JV, Varsity • 3 sport seasons Fall Winter Spring • Big campus • Tryouts • School Pride: rival, mascot, colors Get involved! Fun courses Instrument (guitar) Child development Yearbook Dance Leadership Forensics Television Driving Photography Food & nutrition Fashion design Drama Clubs Book club
National Honor Society French Club
Play & Musical Animal Advocates
Anime club
Friends club
Fashion club
Debate team
FBLA ...etc Other clubs: GPA 7:25 AM to 2:10 PM Dances and events Prom • Last dance of the year
• Seniors and Juniors
• Very formal
• Dates and prom groups
• Theme and buffet After prom • Until 4 AM
• Lots of activities
• Prizes to win
• More food!! or house parties Homecoming Spirit week Monday
Thursday Pajama day
Time travel
Wacky Tacky
Costume day
Spirit day Friday Pep Rally Saturday Homecoming game
Homecoming dance Graduation Huge ceremony Family event Inspirational speeches Graduation parties Big presents Senior week Ethnic diversity Dress comfortably Don't smoke Pregnant girls Dynamic classes Friendly teachers Less freedom Parade
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