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The Ballpoint Pen Product Life Cycle

This is for STEM class at Culver Elementary School

Jemarie Alyssa

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Ballpoint Pen Product Life Cycle

Distribution - Use
- Disposal - Materials Processing - Manufacturing - Packaging
- Distribution -Design
-Matierals After they finished packaging they put the pen into cardboard boxes stuffed with pallets of styrofoam. When the pens are packed, they are shipped to other distributors. Ballpoint Pen Packaging Once the pen is finished it will be packaged in a different way according to how they are sold. They can be packaged in groups and put into bags or into boxes. They can can also put single pens into blister packs with cardboard backs. Product Cycle Most pens are not biodegradable. So the easiest and correct way to dispose them is to recycle the pens. Recycling the pen is better than throwing it into the trash because it trash has to burn which hurts our environment. Disposal
The idea of the ballpoint pen was around for many years. It was not until 3 inventors actually worked on the idea. The first patent was made in October 30th, 1888 by John J. Loud. It took about 60 years to create it. There was always a leakage problem with the pen until Baron Marcel Bich solved the problem. Design Materials Processing of a Ballpoint Pen Resources Pens are used everyday in our daily lives. They are used for checks, essays, homework, and an extensive amount of much more. Pens still dominates our writing industry today. More than ONE HUNDRED MILLION are sold each year. Use Materials The raw materials of the ballpoint pen is metals plastics and other chemicals. The point of the pen is made out of brass. Other parts like the ink cartridge, the body, or the spring can also be made with brass. For the ink components, it's made out of lubricants, surfactants, thickeners, and preservatives. Aluminum is also used for the pen body. by: Alysssa Sarilarp
Jemari Singson Manufacturing & Did you learn anything from this PREZI?
IF yes, what
did you learn?
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