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The Misogyny Speech

No description

Eveline S

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of The Misogyny Speech

How does Julia Gillard build a personal connection with the viewer in order to find support?
Additional Context
The Speech
Persuasive Techniques
Reception of the Speech
National Reception:

"More desperate than convincing" (Michelle Grattan)

"Chose to defend the indefensible" (Peter Harthcer)
October 9, 2012
Julia Gillard
Close Analysis
Persuasive Speech

Political Scandal - Peter Slipper

Tony Abbott

1st Female prime minister

Personal Attack
"I am offended by those text messages. But I also believe, in terms of this Parliament making a decision about the speakership, that this Parliament should recognise that there is a court case in progress. That the judge has reserved his decision, that having waited for a number of months for the legal matters surrounding Mr. Slipper to come to a conclusion, that this Parliament should see that conclusion.
I believe that is the appropriate path forward, and that people will then have an opportunity to make up their minds with the fullest information available to them.
But whenever people make up their minds about those questions, what I won't stand for, what I will never stand for is the Leader of the Opposition coming into this place and peddling a double standard. Peddling a standard for Mr. Slipper the would not set for himself. Peddling a standard for Mr. Slipper he has not set for other members of his frontbench."
The Misogyny Speech
Members of the Australian Parliament

Viewers of the viral YouTube video
To persuade the chair to oppose the motion from the opposition to remove Peter Slipper.

To criticize the Australian parliament for its sexist actions.
1.1: Analyse how audience and purpose affect the structure of content of texts.

1.3: Demonstrate an awareness of how language and meaning are shaped by culture and context.
Learner Outcomes
International Reception:

"masterful, righteous take- down"(Chloe Angyal)

"An impressive set of insults" (Daily Telegraph)

Support from world leaders
Exclamatory Tone
Use of pronouns
Parallel structures
Abstract language
Rhetorical Question
"Well can anybody remind me if the Leader of the opposition has taken any responsibility for the conduct of the Sydney Young Liberals and the attendance at this event of members of his frontbench?"
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