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Rafael Animals of the Rainforest

No description


on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Rafael Animals of the Rainforest

Animals of the Rainforest
by :Rafa
MS.lisa's class
1 creatures name and description

The gibbon's color can be from grey to brown to black. The arms are linger than their legs.

They have four long fingers and a thumb and they have toes.

Males are three feet tail. Males and females have no tail. Gibbons are the fastest animal in the trees. Light weight monkeys that grow to around 90cm tall and weigh just 7kg
Interesting facts

fastest living animal in the trees.
it is really rare
it eats fruit, insects, spiders, small birds, bird eggs, drink, water, plants, meat, leaves, flowers, seeds, tree bark
the gibbon does not have a tail
long hand to help grab branches and fruit
long arms help swing from branch to branch
strong and long fingers to hold
strong and long fingers to hold
strong shoulders to help swing for hours
I depend on spiders insects eggs small birds.

Leopards, large snakes and birds depend on me.
How your animal is in danger
The gibbon is in danger because of citting trees and losing their homes.
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