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Bill DeBurger

Auditing Presentation

Echo Reese

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Bill DeBurger

Discussion Bill DeBurger Anil Kishore
Ashley Kawa
Niria Avila
Nitin Chowdhary
Patrick Blais-Laflamme
Peiyi Zhang
Xiaobo He Group Members Scenario Our Opinion If you were Bill, what would you do? Unqualified? Qualified? Adverse? Denial? Is Sam's response professional? At Sam's office Bill The in-charge accountant Marcelle Stores The supervising
partner Sam Back to Bill's cubicle In my opinion... What are some of
the qualities
an auditor should have? Marcelle stores
Some facts It may discontinue 2
of its 14 departments $6M
inventory VS $225,000
allowance In Bill's Office Bill 1. Professional competence

2. Objectivity and independence

3. Due professional care

4. Reasonable assurance Some qualities of an auditor Last year profit: around $8 million This year's pre-audit net income: $500,000 career path Newly graduated Staff accountant + pass professional exam + a few years'
additional experience Audit senior Bill: 18-month experience
In-charge accountant already? Thank You! Leave enough time
Express concerns in time
Gather more information
Verify the information
Ask for help

and... If you were Bill,
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