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Stephanie Chan

on 10 March 2014

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Studies have shown that we all unconsciously use stereotypes all the time and we don't even know about it.
When asked, Aboriginal kids estimated that about 95% of Aboriginal youth is involved in gangs. The actual number is 3%.
-- Susan Swan, an Ojibway
from Lake Manitoba (mediasmarts.ca)
“Research indicates that children in the United States come to understand race and ethnicity concepts between the ages of 3 and 4. Many children have definite and entrenched stereotypes about blacks, women, and other social groups by five years of age. At around age 6, children become accurate at sorting people by ethnicity. At age 7 children understand that race and ethnicity do not change.”
-- http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/understanding-stereotypes/
Stereotypes are human instinct to sort information into mental categories.
Examples Of Stereotyping
Stereotyping can be positive or negative here are some examples :

- Africans Americans are good at sports.

-Women are good nurturers.

-Men are good leaders

-Jocks are idiots

How Can Stereotyping Be Stopped?
Stereotyping does not have a cause. It's a phenomenon.We cannot stop stereotyping, yet we can reduce it by having educational programs at very early ages for stereotyping. Information shows that early ages can tell the different stereotypes. Stereotypes can lead to false impressions.
How Can Stereotyping Affect People?
Stereotyping has a mostly negative impact on everyone involved. The reason why is because it makes false impressions on people for who they are not. Stereotyping can mask your own character. There is no one who is positively affected by stereotyping. Stereotyping is one of the reasons why a lot of conflict occurs between people.
What Can We Do?
Stereotyping is a major problem in our society. It separates people into various groups where it's very hard to establish relationships outside it's group. We can reduce stereotyping by not assuming someone based on their looks, race, religion, etc. Even though it's very easy to assume what type of person they are, trying to have an open mind is the best solution for this issue.
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