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Dec 1, 2016 CM Capital Foundation Board Meeting

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on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Dec 1, 2016 CM Capital Foundation Board Meeting

CM Capital Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting

Vision Statement
for 2017 & beyond
Exhibit A
Ronald McDonald House at Stanford
Dec 1, 2016


I. Roll Call
II. Approval of Minutes
III. Financials
IV. Impact Grant
V. Scholarship Program Proposal
VI. Vision for Foundation Discussion
VII. New Grant Applications Received
VIII. Ratification of Small Grants
IX. Employee Donation Matching Program
X. Other Matters
XI. Next Meeting Date
XII. Adjournment

Alt + Tab: PDF files

Foundation Board Members Present:
Bruce W. Madding, Chairman of the Board
Lucia Cha, President & Director
Selina Cha, Director
Priscilla Cha, Director
John C. Couch, Director
Foundation Officers:
Elizabeth Hammack, Executive Director & Secretary
Fernando Sucre, Treasurer
In Attendance:
Johnson Cha, Special Advisor, CMCF
David Stoll, Senior Manager, Family Service, CMC
Kent Liu, Director of Finance & Accounting, CMC
Alt + Tab: PDF files
A) Annual Chinese New Year Party
B) Annual Summer Scamper
C) Child Life Program
D) Supplemental Funds Request
i. Teen Health Van
ii. Hospital School
A) Annual CMCF Sponsored
Chinese New Year Celebration at the LPCH
CMCF, with volunteers from CMC, will celebrate
2017 Chinese New Year
at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital on Feb. 2, 2017
Feb 10, 2016 CMCF Celebrating
Annual Chinese New Year at LPCH
Over 100 people at the LPCH participate in the annual CMCF sponsored Chinese New Year celebration.
B) Annual Summer Scamper

CMCF was once again recognized
as a Spotlight Sponsor at the 2016's
6th Annual Summer Scamper.

46 CMC employees with families and friends participated in the 2016 Scamper.

The 2016 Summer Scamper raised $441,472.

The 2017 - the 7th Annual Summer Scamper will be held on June 25th.

C) Child Life Program

Child Life Program helps hospitalized children handle stress, have fun
More than 12,000 patients each year benefit from Child Life Progam
i) Mobile Adolescent Heath
Services Program - Teen Van
D) Supplementary Fund

View proposal at:
Alt + Tab: PDF files
(Teen Van)
ii) The Hospital School
View proposal at:
Alt + Tab: PDF files
(Hospital School)
A. Report on IRS filing

B. Board Discussions
i. Scholarship Name
ii. Press Release
iii. Application Form
A. Report on IRS application filing on Nov. 11, 2016 to establish a scholarship program
Alt + Tab: PDF files (Scholarship)

1. Form 8940, Request for Miscellaneous Determination Under Section 4945,
2. Form 1023, Schedule H, Private Foundation Requesting Advance Approval
of Individual Grant Requirements,
3. CM Capital Foundation Scholarship Policy,
4. CM Capital Foundation Scholarship Application,
5. User Fee Check Number 10970 in the amount of $850, and
6. Form 2848, Power of Attorney.

B. Board Discussion and Review
i. Scholarship Name
ii. Press Release
iii. Application Form
B. Board Discussion

i. Scholarship Name
B. Board Review
ii. Press Release
Alt + Tab: PDF file
(Press Release)
B. Board Review
iii. Application Form
Alt + Tab: PDF file
(Application Form)
D) Supplementary Fund

Board Decision
Alt + Tab: PDF file
(Vision Memo)
(See Binder - Section 7)
Asian Law Alliance
(See Binder - Section 7)
No Small Grants Issued for $1,000
or less since
June 23, 2016
board meeting
A. Updates on previously approved
and budgeted annual donatio:

UCSF - $10,000 paid on 2/19/16
Nelson Teng - $50,000 to be paid by year end or January 2017 (last installment)

B. CMCF Treasurer Position
i) Fernando Sucre to resign as treasurer
ii) Kent Liu to succeed as treasurer
Proposed Next Board of
Directors Meeting Date

Thursday, June 29, 2017
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Thank You!
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2015 continued
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