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the man who was poe

No description

Justin Kung

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of the man who was poe

The Man who was Poe
By: Avi

Justin Kung

Character Traits:

Beginning of Book:
trusts adults
End of Book:
Edmund investigates disappearance of: Mother, Aunt, and Sister.
Edgar Allan Poe
Character Trait:

Edgar, also known as Mr. Dupin, helps Edmund find his family and battles an identity crisis.
time: 1848
place: Providence, Rhode Island
era: Romantic era

The Man who Was Poe is a mystery novel. It all starts out when Edmund’s mother marries a man, Mr. Rachett.
But, Mr. Rachett steals Edmund’s mother’s money and leaves her. So she goes to America to reclaim her money and divorce him.
She leaves her sister, Pru in charge of her two children, Edmund and his sister.
A few days after Pru went to find her sister, Edmund and his sister grew hungry. Edmund set off to get food
but he comes back to an empty room. His sister had disappeared. He turns to Mr. Dupin for help.
Edmunds sister drops pearl buttons wherever she went which led Edmund to finding his mother first. After finding out that Aunty Pru sacrificed herself to
let Edmund’s mother escape, Edmund and Dupin find Mr. Rachett with Edmunds sister. They do a boat chase in order to rescue his sister.
Edmund must find out what happened to his missing family.
Dupin encounters an internal conflict in which resolving his identity.
Edmund finds his mother and sister by the clues they found from his sister and Dupin.
It is resolved when Dupin realized
To Continue
that he wanted Edmund's sister to die just to let his story live.
Story Plot
Main Characters
To Continue
Personal Response
This novel made me very engaged because it was very suspenseful. Edmund did everything he could to save his family.
Edmund did everything he could to save his family. This connected to me because I would try to save my family if they were in danger.
I learned that you should care for your family and that you should risk my life in order to save them.
This is because my parents have dedicated their lives in order to take care of me
You can apply the things you have learned from stories to real life.
This novel puts an example of the theme because Sis helps Edmund solve the mystery by leaving pearl buttons where ever she is taken.
Sis got the idea from Hansel and Gretel. Also, Rachett and Peterson used a code they learned from Mr. Dupin's story to communicate.
"When it didn't give, he remembered he'd locked it. It was the work of seconds to get the key out, insert it in the keyhole,
twist, and throw the door open. With horror Edmund stared into the room. Sis was not there."
This quote exemplifies irony because Edmund expected Sis to be there since it was locked. But he came to an empty room.
"At the far back of the top floor of an Ann Street tenement was a room.
It was a small, single-windowed room, not much warmer than the outside, for there was only a solitary candle to heat it.
The room contained a table, a chair, and against one wall, a trunk. Opposite the trunk was a narrow bed upon which sat a boy.
His name was Edmund."
This is important because it sets the setting and gives the reader a taste of the mood of the story.
The Romantic era gives it a moody feeling in which the author includes dim-lit candles.
The author create the mood by
creating the old feeling of the 18th
century. And taking place in a old
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