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William Lloyd Garrison

No description

Alivia Lee

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of William Lloyd Garrison

William Lloyd
Garrison Who was
William Lloyd Garrison In the North and South In Georgia, a $5000
reward was offered for his arrest. Why was he so disliked in the South? Why was he disliked by some northerners? How did Garrison affect ideas about slavery in the North? In the South? Garrison said "I will
not retreat an inch, and
I will be heard." What did he mean?? Who was William Lloyd
Garrison? What views were printed
in it? What was the Liberator?
What city was it printed in? What is an abolitionist? Just the facts :) The views of the Liberator were anti-slavery promotion.
The Liberator was mostly popular among African- Americans.
I think that the Liberator was used in order to promote
William Lloyd Garrison`s views of anti-slavery. An abolitionist was a person who was in favor of getting
rid of slavery. They were supportive of abolishing slavery
and thought it was wrong >.< The Liberator was a newspaper printed
in Boston. The Liberator was a newspaper
that promoted anti-slavery. It was
founded by William Lloyd Garrison. William Lloyd Garrison was a man. He was an
abolitionist and strongly believed in ending slavery. William
Lloyd Garrison founded the New England Anti- Slavery
Society. Naturally William Lloyd Garrison was disliked
by people in the south and even by people in the North. But
don't worry I will tell you why in the next few slides ;) Even though in the North slavery was like illegal many
of the white people still looked down on the black people
and still discriminated against black people. William
Lloyd Garrison not only wanted to end slavery but have
African Americans be treated equally witch is not an
idea that settled well with some people of the North.
One time Garrison was even dragged through the
streets of Boston. In the South the people were pretty set in their ways and did not believe in putting an end to slavery, so I personally don't really think he affected the ideas about slavery in the South. The people in the South would still believe that slavery in a just thing. I think that in the North people had believed it was bad but they still didn't hold much respect for the slaves, I think that Garrison kind of made it more
clear that the Northers still did not think blacks
deserved to be treated equally. I think that Garrison meant that he won`t give up. By saying
he won't retreat an inch, he meant that he will not back down
on what he is fighting for. What he means by saying "I will
be heard" is that he won't stop fighting to end slavery until
he is actually acknowledged and his words are respected.
A major reason he was disliked in the South was for an obvious reason, he was an abolitionist. Slave owners despised him and his choices to end slavery.
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