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No description

Rebecca Polley

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Ebay

• Ebay is the largest online auction site in the world
• Amazon taking over market share with expansion into auction style sales
• Amazon are the main competitor to eBay, they receive over 700million views per day
• However, it’s more regulated than eBay and is not as attractive to sellers

Marketing Services
eBay is used as a worldwide platform to sell anything you want, except your kidneys.
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Selling Process
How eBay make their revenue
Unusual eBay Listings
How to buy on eBay
The 3 P's of Marketing Services
eBay makes its money by being an intermediary
Selling - Insertion fees and extra option fees
Buying - Profile, Highest bid, Pay through Paypal
Final value fees - 10% of winning bid
ebay's built in buyers make for less marketing.
ebay's auctions are still the best place to sell rare items or items for which you aren't sure of the value.
ebays has brand recognition and built in trust
There is seller and buyer protection.

Simple steps:
Pay (buyers don't pay fees)

Buys out competitors
Reasons to buy online
eBay Mobile
Physical Environment
Available from most app stores
Keep up with high street stores
Means to buy and sell on the move
Register for free
Search and find
Bid or "buy it now"
Pay for the item
Leave feedback for seller

Signals of service =
1. Product Review Tab
2. Answer Centre
3. International Site Visibility

3 types of people:
Team -
• John J. Donahoe is the President & Chief Executive Officer
• Pierre Omidyar is Chairman of the Non-Executive Board
• Scott Thompson is President of PayPal
• Bob Swan is Senior Vice President

Buyers - Buyer Protection Programme

Sellers - Feedback

Worldwide customer base
Easy Payment options
• Ebid is spreading at a very fast rate however is slow with profitability with very small seller fees
• Donedeal is Ireland’s biggest auction site, with over 1 Billion views per annum
• Craigslist is one of the world’s biggest online classified website 50 Billion views per month
• Yahoo Auction is the largest online auction site in Japan and Taiwan

Acquired eachnet.com in 2003 and is now China's largest online auction website
It took over gumtree.com in 2003 and is now England's largest online classified website
Also had a 25% stake in Craigslist
Any Questions?
Less flexibility.
Restrictions on what you can sell.
Built in prejudices against the platform.
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