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Criticisms of Inquiry-Based Learning

No description

Tessa Yelton

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Criticisms of Inquiry-Based Learning

Criticisms of Inquiry-Based Learning
Students can become lost and frustrated
Confusion can lead to misconceptions, because nobody is available to correct them
Because of this, inquiry-based learning often takes longer than guided learning
Cognitive Processes
Not concerned enough about the way people think
Ignores the connections between short- and long-term learning
Causes a great cognitive load on the student
Not enough research backs inquiry-based learning
Especially difficult for "novice" learners, and can cause worse results
Seems to be equally effective as guided learning for experienced learners
Issues for Teachers
Teachers give minimal feedback and won't necessarily know if there is a problem
A lot of planning is necessary before it can be implemented
A particular problem is evaluation
Teachers don't always know how students think
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