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Content Team Mission and Role

Including Customer Life Cycle

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Content Team Mission and Role

New User
Paying Customer

Cancel or Can't Pay
Win Back

Customer Life Cycle
Stop using
[Active User]
Stop using
Cancel Trial
Inactive User
Win Back
Deactivated User
Stop using
Can't Pay
Win Back
Canceled Customer
30 days?
Doesn't Register
Win Back
Win Back
Content Team role:
Give solid information on / provide content that attract and convinces Stevies.
E.g. Does having a sales pitch angle attract the right user?
Overarching goal:
Produce Content and an experience that delights, empowers, activates and retains Stevies.
Able to tell teams what content they should be putting in front of which customers. Able to produce that content quickly and to a high-standard. Whilst remaining the guardian of the company tone of voice.

Content Team role:
Ensure website copy inspires Stevies
Ensure Learn content is not only engaging, motivational, and educational, but also positioned properly for the right user subsets
Content Team role:
Ensure website copy inspires Stevies
Ensure Learn content is not only engaging, motivational, and educational, but also positioned properly for the right user subsets
As all trialers enjoy premium support, make sure that Support agents macros and assets are of the necessary standards.
Key Projects:
Website front page copy (in progress - testing)
Learn Page improvements:
Logged out page (story, copy, and basic design are complete, but animations not yet built)
Search - implemented, working well - need to upgrade with auto-completion feature.
i8ln - search integrated but more browsers than searchers, need to remove irrelevant languages from users.
Videos - need dedicated pages for videos - including design for these pages.
Webinars - hypothesis: Stevie wants use case based relevant to her so she can learn to harness the product. - Currently testing.
Tutorials - need central contents page to enable users to surf these.
Customer Testimonials page (planning)
Product Onboarding - failed tests with lessons learned, new hypothesis based around use cases - testing material via winback emails.
Key Projects:
Offering both material and editing for blogposts, tweets, facebook status updates, marketing campaigns etc.
Inputting content into independent online Prezi groups (LinkedIn community/ Quora).
Providing analytics/metrics on what content engages Stevie for online marketing team.
Key Projects:
Developing macros based on learn content (we do this currently)
Onboarding for trial users. (Currently in testing).
Content Team role:
Provide content that persuades the user not to cancel, or informs them of alternative payment methods.
Work with payments team to measure the effectiveness of this content
Key Projects:
Can't pay emails - copy done
Winback emails - in development
Content Team role:
Winback the right kind of users
Key Projects:
Various Winback Email campaigns (testing)
Content Team role:
Convince user of need for higher paid account.
Content Team role:
Inspire and empower the user.
Key Projects:
Prezi tips project: Initial planning
Key Projects:
Maximize current material to emphasize this
Coordinating and working with Marketing for releases
Ensuring quality of content across entire website - Values page, Jobs page, Business pages, Collaboration pages, etc
Emergency communication copy
PR team consultation
Conference team promotional copy (production of)
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