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Three Kingdoms

No description

Andrea Cheung

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Three Kingdoms

The PBL Questionaire - By Andrea, Priscilla and Sammi
What is the three kingdoms period?
Some Famous Figures from the period
Some Famous Figures from the period
Three Kingdoms
Liu Bei
Andrea Cheung 1D (9)
Priscilla Chow (10)
Emily Kan (14)
Sammi Kwan (15)

- The Three Kingdoms (AD 220–280), a struggle of power between the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu
- In between the decaying Han Dynasty and the rise of Jin Dynasty
- One of the bloodiest period in Chinese history, the population decreased by 34 million during three kingdoms period
- he has weak forces and has refuge a lot of people a first
- Liu Bei and Xuan Chang defeated Cao Cao in the Battle of Redcliffs
- he then became an emperor at AD 221 and named his kingdom Han
- As Dong Wu illed his brother Guan Yu, he sent his troops to fight with Dong Wu, but he was defeated and died in Ba Di Cheng
Guan Yu
- killed Hua Xiong in the Battle of Lao Ku Guan
- sworn with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei
- loyal to his brothers
- defeated by Dong Wu and was killed as her refused to surrender
Zhuge Liang
- lived in Long Zhong before being a Military adviser
- Liu Bei visited him three times to ask him to help him
- convinced Dong Wu to join Liu Bei to defeat Cao Cao
- died before completing the expedition to the North
Zhou Yu
- a captaincy of the sea navy
- having the most credit of defeating Cao Cao in the Battle of Redcliffs
- fooled by Zhuge Liang three times
Cao Cao
- an outstanding poet, politician and strategist
- defeated Yuan Shao
- had a lot of people in hand
- died of migraine headache
Zhao Yun
- he was first Gong Xun Zhan's general, but followed Liu Bei a few years later
- saved Liu Bei's son from the swarm of Cao Cao's soldiers
- died in 230 AD
Battle of Redcliffs
Date: Winter of 208 CE
Location: southern bank of the Yangtze, close to the Yangtze River, China
Commanders: Sun Quan VS Liu Bei
Battle of Changban
Date: October 208 CE
Location: Changban, Dangyang, Jing Province
Commanders: Liu Bei VS Cao Cao
Battle of Wuzhang Plains
Date: April 234 - Autumn 234
Location: Wuzhang Plains, Shaanxi, China
Commanders: Sima Yi (Wei) VS Zhuge Liang (Shu)
I, Priscilla and Sammi did this questionaire on google doc and 144 people has done this questionaire for us. Here are the results =
The form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bbDcgWAfh2V2vu7KfYz6tbqYFbTVlPAKelR0hSK7Rvc/viewform

The PBL questionaire 2 - By Emily
-Emily printed total 40 pieces of questionaire and 39 questionaires were done and she will tell us the result now
From the two questionaires above we can see that most people don't know much about the Three Kingdoms. So we want to share a list of videos for our them to know more about the Three Kingdoms.
Three Kingdoms
- a drama series about Three Kingdoms
- there are many exciting and important history in the drama series
The link
The trailer
Andrea -
Priscilla -
Emily -
Sammi -
Division of Labour
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