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Spongebob movie

No description

Mckenzie Snow

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Spongebob movie

The Spongebob Movie!!
Crossing the Threshold
To be in the Crossing the Treshold stage, the hero has to be able to want to go into a new world that has different values then his/her ordinary world.

In The Spongebob Movie Spongebob came across the Thug Tug to get the key to his car back because a man/fish stole his car. The Thug Tug has rules where he can not blow bubbles when he blew a bubble in the bathroom and the bubble traveled outside of the bathroom door.
The Reward
The Reward stage is the stage that the hero has faced death and won and has gotten the treasure he/she has been searching for.

When Spongebob and Patricks tear dropped on the electric outlet the fire alarm went off and the water started started spraying from the ceiling and Spongebob and Patrick were alive again. When they were alive the captured the crown, escaped from the diver and headed back to Bikini Bottom.
The Hero's Journey
The Hero's Journey
are the stages a hero goes through in his/her story or adventure.
The Spongebob Movie represents The Heros Journey because Spongebob goes through challenges and stages to get to his goal. I think in every adventure for a hero is motivated by something and a goal to reach. Spongebob was motivated by Mr. Krabs being frozen and his goal was to get the Kings crown and to save Mr. Krabs.
The stages of the movies that I have chosen:
Test, Allies, and Enemies
The Test, Allies, and Enemies stage is the stage where the hero sorts out his/her partnerships.
The Ordeals
In the the Ordeals stage the hero is in the Special World and and he/she faces the moment of death and is brought against their biggest fear.

In the movie Spongebob and Patrick are on their voyage to Shell City, but along the way this scuba-diver captured them and took them on land, to Shell City without them even knowing they were. then the scuba-diver wanted to dry them out and turn them into knick-knacks.
My hero that I have chosen is....
Crossing The Threshold
Test, Allies, and Enemies
The Ordeal
The Reward
The Road Back
The Resurrection
Spongebob in

The Spongebob Movie
Spongebob's positive qualities:
Spongebob's Tragic Flaw
Spongebob is really immature. Which can hold him back from facing the things he may approach the events that may come.
When Spongebob and his friend Patrick were about to give up and turn back around because they didnt believe in themselves the princess of the sea, Mindy, came and boosted their self-esteem up, encouraged them to go on in the journey and warned them what they would be facing.
The Road Back
In the Road Back stage the hero on his way back to his home but usually their is a person that chases them to mess them up on the way.
When Spongebob and Patrick leave Shell City, David Hasselhoff helps them and offers to take them home. While Spongebob and Patrick are on Hasselhoff's back getting home Dennis comes back and trys to kill them and makes sure they don't get home with the crown. Spongebob and Patrick blind him with bubble soap, Dennis trips and falls into the water.
The Resurrection
In the Resurrection stage the hero is tested again but on his home land. The challenge is harder this time but the conflict from the beginning is resolved.
When Spongebob and Patrick reach home they go to the Krusty Krab to save Mr. Krabs from being executed by King Neptune. When Spongebob brings the crown to him, Plankton gets mad and turns everyone in Bikini Bottom into slaves controlled by him. When Spongebob sees this he gains power and destroy the mind controller helmets and saves Bikini Bottom.
Work Cited
The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. Dir. Stephen Hillenburg. Perf. Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke. Paramount Pictures, 2004. Film.
The Test
One of the test in the movie were when they were crossing the trench of vicious monsters to get to the other side of the road. Being inspired by Mindy,they were more confident in crossing the trench.
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