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The Journey of Captain George Vancouver

No description

Jennifer Luu

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of The Journey of Captain George Vancouver

Who was Captain George Vancouver? Why was George Vancouver important? His main accomplishment was when he
discovered Vancouver Island. What impact George Vancouver had on
Americans & the world. Did people move to the new land
because it was discovered? Hawaiian Islands Why was Vancouver named after him? Interesting facts about George Vancouver! He was named after the third biggest city in canada. He's from King's Lynn, England. Sixth child of Bridget Berner and John Jasper Vancouver. Originally Dutch. Sarah, Bridget, Mary, John, & Charles. {Siblings} Born: June 22, 1757.
Died: May 10, 1798. George Vancouver was looking for a north-west from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. 1766-68 - The tower of All Saint's Church collapsed. 1798 - Horatio Nelson made a Freeman of Lynn. 1790 - George Vancouver commenced his Great Voyage to the Pacific & north-west coast of America. He wanted to explore and survey the north Pacific coast and assume control over the territory at Nootka sound. Britain & Spain. George Vancouver was known for leading the longest mapping expedition in history. He never conquered any land, but Vancouver Island was named in his honor. Did George Vancouver discover something that the Europeans didn't? Yes. Yes he did. Did his discovery change our maps today? Yes. Did this new land change the way people lived? Yes, it did. He was sent on an assignment to recieve a surrender from the Spanish post in the present of BC. From then, he surveyed and explored all over the north-west coast of America. Created by Jennifer & Filza. The Journey of George Vancouver. No wife. No kids. Places that George Vancouver
explored. British Columbia Alaska Oregon Vancouver canada is not also named after him he is also named after vancouver washington. It took the captain on a 4 year voyage to find the passage. Washington Pacific Coast When Vancouver died, he never owned the land. But the land was named after him. Slides 1 - 4 were created by Jennifer. Slides 5 - 8 were created by Filza.
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