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Fanourios Lou

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

3 Shop Consumption Production Distribution Research
Sales Top sell all new contract as 1Card3Number

Smartphone Handset with plan change to 1Card3Numbers with Data 3 Macau How about the profit? Est. local cost 30% per plan
Coop.company fee: 30%~40%

Est. Profit percentage: 30%~40% Do not mix the exist market position from other telecommunication provider


MOP 100/180/280/380/520 @24-month contract

take the middle point to set the market plan Pricing Stratagy Potential Product
A new way to satisfy comsumers
Fully utilize 3's brand to sell the product
Exceed the wants from customer Product Level "To increase market share but try not to
repeat what competitor doing. 3 Macau is aim
to gain the market share to avoid Smartone
and China Telecom to get the 2nd market share
also to minimize the gap between CTM"

--Ms.Ma Marketing Manager, 3 Macau 1 Card 3 Numbers with sharing data

Online everywhere! even on ferry or train! 3 Macau Hotel Industry leads the market

External labour from Main Land and Hong Kong

High demand of Data usage (3G)

Local Citizen and Extenal labour always move within Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland Current Macau Market CTM - 1 Sim 3 numbers
for pemium customer
without data

3 - 1 Sim 2 numbers without data
(corp. with China Unicom)

Smartone - 1 Sim 2 numbers
data plan separate into HK/Macau Current Market Situation (GSM) China Telecom - 1 UIM 2 numbers
with/out sharing data depand
on plan that customer chose
New Numbers are related
+853 6123-4567
+86 180-6123-4567
or comsumer from other provider:
+853 6987-6543
+86 153-1234-5678 Current Market Situation (CDMA) defind into 5 different usage
concern items are: voice usage, guest region, contract length, data usage, data width, competitive power
so... fumula: voice min+data(macau+hk+china)
Entry: 500+(500MB+100MB+100MB) 3.6Mbps
Basic: 1000+(700MB+100MB+100MB) 3.6 Mbps
Medium 2000+(1GB+200MB+200MB) 3.6 Mbps
High: 3000+(2GB+1GB+500MB) 5.6Mbps
Pemium: 5000+(Unlimited+5GB+5GB) 7.2Mbps DIY the plan <3 3 Macau 1Card 3 Numbers

Online so easy!

Sharing your life to friends anytime! TDM Budapest San
Francisco Timeline of other founded Telecommunications provider 2013 1981 2001 2008 2010 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c What is 3 ?? 3 is a brand name under Hutchison

Hutchison Whampoa
Hutchison Telecommunications International What 3 included ?? UMTS -based mobile phone networks
Also 2G
Broadband Internet Providers
ISP 3 in Hong Kong May 2004

Orange in Hong Kong (2G)

3 Dualband
Marketing Management Term Project New Product of
3 Macau Telecommunications Ltd. Smartphone Genaration 29 May 2008 in Hong Kong

2009 arrived in Macau

IPhone 3GS
IPhone 4
IPhone 4S
IPhone 5
IPhone N+1... 3 in Macau Hutchison-Telefone
Macau Limitada

Was founded 2001

Branch of Hutchison
Hong Kong

Renamed and branded as
“3” in November, 2005 Telecom operators
(Fixed line and mobile/GSM) – Companhia Telecomunicações de Macau, S.A.R.L. (CTM)
(Mobile/GSM) – Hutchison Telephone (Macau) Co. Ltd
(Mobile/GSM) – SmarTone Mobile Communications (Macau) Co. Ltd
(Mobile/CDMA) – China Telecom (Macau) Co. Ltd Market Share 1. CTM
2. 3
3. Smartone
4. China Telecom Who we are? We are LOL's (^o^)

Brian Yuen,
Carlos Denilla,
Decalogue Chao,
Fanourios Lou,
Joao Chan,
Kelven Pan,
Kelvin Chong,
Tin Lee Goal for market share! Good afternooon everyone!
(A_A)v Austria Denmark Macau Hong Kong Indonesia Sweden UK Ireland This is the END
of our presentation.

Thank you for your attention CTM Hutchison SmartOne China Telecom Macau Hong Kong Maindland China 1 card 3 Numbers
with Sharing Data MAINLAND <-> HONG KONG <-> MACAU Why the plan will success? High spending power

High frequency of visiting Hong Kong and Macau

Benifit from Social Network development Cost Sharing data profit to coop.company : 40%
Roaming profit to coop.company : 30%
Develop new product line: 0
Advertisment fee : 1,200,000 MOP/year*
Coop.Promotion fee : 1500 MOP/year* Why the outcome not very good
but still develop this plan? Advertisment
10 Times per day
30s long per one How to make
sure we are doing
good? release the plan to coop.consumor in group keep track on their usage and using behaviour Ask for user experience Improve according to target market's patten Review the whole project Release to public Stay online, even on sky Sharing photos took with Rubber Duck
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