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The Highwayman

English Presentation

Janelle Shapton

on 26 March 2018

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Transcript of The Highwayman

The Highwayman By Alfred Noyes About the Poet Alfred Noyes was born in Wolverhampton, England on September 18, 1880. He was the son of Alfred and Amelia Adams Noyes. Alfred learned to speak Latin and Greek when he was four years old. He attended the Exeter Collage located in England. In 1907 Noyes married Garnett Daniels. During the year of 1927 Noyes had a second marriage due to the death of his first. Afred Noyes dies at the age of 77 in 1958. Alfred Noyes is a famous English poet. He wrote a variety of poems, but his ballads "The Highwayman" and "The Barrel-Organ" are the most popular. In "The Highwayman" poem, there are a variety of poetic devices such as alliteration; "He whistled a tune to the window, and who should be waiting there"(185), metaphor; "road was a ribbon of moonlight"(184), a simile; "hair like mouldy hay"(185), imagery was used in a creative way to allow the reader to imagine what was occuring in the poem and rhyming had a huge impact in this ballad. The rhyming scheme for the first stanza is the following: A, A, B, C, C, B. This pattern was repeated throughout the poem. Poetic Devices The significance of the title "The Highwayman" is important to the readers knowledge because it is the main character. It showed us his personality, who he was and what he did in those two little words. The Importance of the Title Format of Poem The format of this poem is necessary because it emphasized important parts of the text. In the poem it would repeat the fourth line in to the fifth line showing that it has occured over a long period of time or that it is critical information. An example would be the first (long period of time) and second (critical information) stanza:
The wind was a torrent of darkness upon the gusty trees,
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas,
The road was a ribbon of moonlight looping the purple moor,
And the highwayman came riding--
The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn door.
He'd a French cocked hat on his forehead, and a bunch of lace at his chin;
He'd a coat of the claret velvet, and breeches of fine doe-skin.
They fitted with never a wrinkle; his boots were up to his thigh!
And he rode with a jeweled twinkle--
His rapier hilt a-twinkle--
His pistol butts a-twinkle, under the jeweled sky. In the poem “The Highwayman” there are multiple conflicts in the poem. These conflicts are:

Tim the stable hand vs The highwayman - They are both in love with the Landlords daughter Bess. When the Highwayman wins over Bess’ affection, this makes Tim extremely jealous causing new conflicts.

Bess vs The Redcoats- Bess is against the Redcoats because her true love the Highwayman is on the run from the Redcoats and she feels that she must protect him from his enemy and if this ment that she were to be killed she would gladly sacrifice herself for her true love.

Highwayman vs The Redcoats- The Highwayman is against the Redcoats because the Redcoats try to shoot him down by luring him to town with his captured girlfriend and even though the Highwayman is wrong about this but he believes that the Redcoats killed Bess and know has a huge vendetta against the Redcoats.

The Highwayman vs Society- The Highwayman is against society because of his job. The Highwayman is a thief, a criminal so this makes all people frown down upon him. Nobody takes a thief seriously or trust him. Society would be more accepting of him if he were a commoner or earned his money in a honest wage.
Conflicts The Highwayman- The Highwayman is a crook who is madly in love with Bess the landlords daughter. He wears “French cocked-hat” “ bunch of lace at his chin” “claret Velvet coat, The highwayman won’t wear high class clothing because he is a robber, a thief.His has a charming quality that attracts Bess to him and they fall in love.The highwayman is a intelligent person but vengeful because when he heard the shot that killed Bess he ran away westward but he wanted them to pay for murdering his only love.

Bess- Bess is the the landlords daughter who falls for a criminal, The Highwayman. Bess is a fearless woman for she falls and trusts a criminal. Bess is a beautiful lady who has black wavy hair that attracts her lover. She is loyal woman because she never cheats on the highwayman. She is a brave person because

Tim -Tim the ostler has mouldy looking hair and is a man in love with Bess. she killed her self to protect her true love. Since Bess is in love with the thief he is over com-ed with jealous so he gives the Highwayman and Bess up to the Redcoats. This also proves that Tim is a very selfish man. Tim is also rude because he eavesdropped in a private conversations with Bess and the Highwayman to see when the highwayman was to return. Description
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