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Brave New World VS V For Vendetta

No description

Melissa Walter

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Brave New World VS V For Vendetta

Brave New World VS. V For Vendetta
Brave New World
Written in 1932, between World Wars
Takes place 600 years into the future in London, Europe
Set in the London of AD 2540 (632 A.F. in the book)
Everyone is produced in a dish, no mother to child connection
There are no families or the process of baring a child
There is no mental growth, just physical
Immaturity is looked at as being normal
Society is controlled by sexual desire
Strictly heterosexual
Always happy, sadness does not exist due to the drug Soma
Soma is a form of a hallucinogenic drug
extermination of the past
A motif in both V for Vendetta and Brave New World is the Roses and the Soma drug. These two things represent freedom, happiness, and integrity. Soma solves everyone's problems in Brave New World not a worry in the world for them. In V for Vendetta the roses are also V's very own source of revenge, which is his way of trying to solve his problems.
Another motif that relates to both the story and the movie is the hidden or lost identity of people. In V for Vendetta it is the masks that hide the true identity of V and everyone at the end when they all have the masks on. In Brave New World it is the caste systems that hide and show the loss of their true identity, they are named after the color of their clothes none of them have their own names. They are just kids made in a dish.

In Brave New World, through conditioning the government gets the people to believe they are genuinely happy. This is definitely a contrast to V for Vendetta where people are also being conditioned through the use of media using the horrific events in other parts of the world.
Both governments are incredibly controlling, they take advantage of censorship to get their citizens to believe what they impose on them, and have controlling and all powerful rulers or heads of state.
Guy Fawkes quotes Shakespeare all the time to express his passionate feelings of rebellion, while John the Savage quotes Shakespeare to express all of his feelings.
Brave New World
, the Nine Years' War
, they created an epidemic
*they both take place in London, England
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