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Tour Team Info Session

No description

Brittni K

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Tour Team Info Session

Hiring Process Timeline January February March March ct'd 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c What you need to apply: - Resume
- Cover Letter
- Recommendation from Faculty or Staff
- Project
Training - Training consists of:
- Shadowing 3 tours
- Sitting in on 3 admissions presentations
- Tag-teaming 2 tours
- Individual tour
- Office training
- Bi-weekly Wednesday night meetings
- Evaluation by Leadership Team WHat we're looking for! Individuals that are:
- Outgoing
- Mizzou enthusiasts
WHat do we do? - Give tours to all campus visitors, including prospective students and their families, alumni, and field trip groups
- Operate the Office of Visitor Relations, including staffing the rotunda desk in Jesse Hall
- Serve as ambassadors for the University
Resume Cover Letter Project - Show your creativity and personality
- Relate it to Mizzou and your passion for the University
- What would you want to tell or show people about Mizzou and your time here?
- Make a project that speaks for itself
- Examples: Innovative campus map, board games, books, YouTube videos Benefits! - Incredible professional job experience
- Meet lots of cool people
- Make monies!
- Social Aspects
- football tickets
- free food
- Fall in love with Mizzou How to be a Tour Guide Letter of Recommendation - Explain why you want to
be on Tour Team

- Tell us what qualifications you have to be a good employee/Tour Guide

-What should we know that's not on your Resume? - Include any organizations and involvement you've had on campus
- Include job history
- If you're a sophomore or below, include high school involvement as well Where to get it:
- Academic advisor
-Organization advisor employed by the University
- Professor
- Supervisor from other MU employment
- Residential Hall staff member

* A reference for will be included in the application Attend informational session
- January 29th
- January 30th
- January 31st

All in Tate 22 at 7 PM Projects due Feb. 22nd
by 5 PM Interview list posted
outside 104 Jesse Hall at
8 AM Group Interviews March
5-7! That's our boss lady! LeAnn Stroupe Leadership Team Co-Chairs Team Leaders Football Large Visit Days Socials
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