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Lisa Lopes

No description

Kayla Cooper

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Lisa Lopes

Lisa's power, justice, ills, and milieu
Lisa Lopes
TLC member and soloist.
Lisa Lopes was a TLC member back in 1991. The group consisted of three members, T-Boz (Tionne Watkins),Chille (Rozonda Thomas), and Left Eye (Lisa Lopes). The group made many songs together such as "No Scrubs" and "What About Your Friends". The group songs were mostly hip-hop and R&B. Most of there songs made the top of the pop charts. Lisa also had a career going solo after she quit TLC. I guess she wanted to make it big on her own.
Lisa Lopes had a successful life. All though she had a lot of ups and down dealing with TLC, she was still part of their family, even when she went solo they still cared about her. Not a lot of people had the talent that Lisa had as a dancer, singer, and song-writer. We bless her with all of our hearts. Rest in peace Lisa Lopes. Rest in peace!
Dickens was a famous writer back in the 1800s. He wrote books such as "Oliver Twist" and " A Tale of Two Cities". His parents were John Dickens and Elizabeth Barrow. He grew up with his seven siblings. He had ten children with his wife Catherine before they separated in 1858. As a child, Dickens was poor but grew up to be a great success.
Dickens power, justice, ills and milieu
Being in TLC made Lisa a powerful person because of the fame, but she had let that power go to her head. She thought she was the best member of TLC, and that the group was nothing without her. She even said that the TLC project and music didn't represent her. So she began a career going solo.
Lisa Lopes had some personal issues as well. Though her career was hot, her love life was off track. She had found out her boyfriend, Adrian Rison was cheating on her, so she thought of a way to get back at him by burning his new shoes, but she accidentally burnt the house down.
Lisa had many hot songs with TLC that were huge success, that also express justice and power. For example, their song "No Scrubs" express power and justice because it talks about how no woman wants a sorry man. She expresses this by using lyrics like " a buster" and " sits on his broke butt", but they don't actually say butt.
Being the great author Dickens' was, he had a lot of power, that is with dealing with his work. When Dickens toured to America he had the greatest welcome ever. Though he said that they treated him like an idol, he grew tired of the fame and became annoyed. For his second tour he decided to set things right with the public.
Dickens faced some hard times through his life especially when he was a kid. His family was very poor, he had to work at a very young age when his father was sent to prison for debt. So he had to dropped out of school just to support his family. He didn't have a normal type of childhood a kid should have, working at a rundown factory. He was able to go back to school after he got his father's inheritance but was pulled back out at age 15. This did inspire his writing career though.
Dickens represents power and justice through most of his books. For example his book " Tale of Two Cities". He express power through the royals and peasants by using classes to define people. He also uses justice, by showing everyone thinks justice is getting even with someone. For example like how Madame Defarge was killing a lot of people because she thought that was justice for hurting her family.
Even though Dickens' life was a terrible experience, it helped out his writing career. He wouldn't have a lot of great books if it wasn't for that because, it was based on his life experiences which are mostly his childhood. It was a good thing that he wasn't that arrogant about his work and didn't let the fame go to his head. Charles Dickens will also be known as a great writer and a great man. Rest in peace Dickens, rest in peace!
Dickens and Lisa Lopes were quite the same. They both went through unexpected experiences, but that only made the two stronger. They both used their experiences to inspire their careers. They were very talented and fantastic at what they did.
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